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CAB EEZ INFRA TECH: Creating A Niche In The Electric Urban Mobility Segment

CAB EEZ INFRA TECH: Creating A Niche In The Electric Urban Mobility Segment

Kuldip Ghosh,CEO

Kuldip Ghosh


Kuldip Ghosh is a pioneering professional who has an unwavering passion for "clean energy". This coupled with the Indian government's push for 100% electric mobility by 2030 inspired him to Co-Found CAB EEZ Infra Tech Pvt. ("Cab-e"). Cab-e is a Technology Market place providing a platform (built in house) which supports a mobile based online service for 100% Electric Urban Mobility. Leading the operations of the company from the front, Indraneel Chakravarty, Co-Founder, COO & CHRO at Cab-e is yet another industry stalwart who along with Nitin Sharma, Co-Founder, CFO and an IIT Graduate from Delhi has helped the company to not only get a foothold in the market but also to break new business frontiers consistently.

In an exclusive interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Kuldip Ghosh talks more about his professional journey and the unique business operations of Cab-e.

Throw some light on your professional background and experience. What inspired you to venture into the segment of e-cars and what drives you today?
I am a Compliance specialist with over 22+ years of experience in Financial Services providing end to end compliance coverage for Stock, Commodities and Currencies Broking, Research, Investment Advisory, PMS, Alternative Investment Fund and FPI.Leveraging my industry experience, I am able to make a difference with my valuable contributions to the sustained growth of our company.

In addition to my immense domain expertise on domestic regulatory management, I have also developed a deep understanding of the International Regulatory Compliance's related to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA ­ UK)and Financial Services Commission (FCS Mauritius) during the latter part of my career.

How would you define CAB EEZ INFRA TECH as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to its client base?
CAB EEZ Infra Tech("Cab-e")is a Technology Marketplace providing a platform (built inhouse) which supports a mobile based online service for 100% Electric Urban Mobility.

Moreover by introducing 100% Electric Urban Mobility we will be significantly contributing to the Indian government's push for 100% electric mobility by 2030. In addition switching to electric vehicles could save India $100 billion in fuel costs while cutting down 1 gigatonne of carbon emissions yearly.

This opportunity seemed very relevant, because the existing organized fleet operators put together have only a 11.50% market share of the $10 Billion Taxi Market industry in India. Moreover we found that there was 1 taxi for 320 commuters in India whereas there was 1 taxi for 115 commuters the world over.

The main value propositions of Cab-e includes:a) Promote "CLEAN ENERGY" through 100% Electric Urban Mobility and save Mother Earth, b) Through the DCO model change the life-style of the cab drivers in India, both from a financial as well as from a psychological stand point, c) Enhance the Customers end-user Experience through transparency in pricing, Zero cancellations, Zero Surge, Zero Technology Usage Cost and Zero Waiting Charges and d) Aim to Create the Largest Private Charging Infra Structure Set Up for the EV space.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction both as an individual and as an industry leader?
During my career I have actively played the role of a bridge builderand influencer between various functions of the Business, Sales and the Corporate Enterprise teams that have not only resulted in increased business volumes but also reduced operating costs.

In addition my proven ability to develop and implement fully Compliant strategies in Operations and Risk Management as per the Industry Best Practices whilst partnering business in Revenue Generation and Growth has been most satisfying.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you fore see? In accordance to that, what are your future plans?
We are all well aware that the global pollution is on the rise and each effort made, is to cut back on the CO2 emissions and save Mother Earth.
One such important effort is the intro duction of EVs. The largest source of climate pollution in India is and hence it's important to reduce it. As the number of motor vehicles on the roads double every 8-10 years in India, CO2 emissions are bound to get worse. With India's goal to reduce oil dependency while solving the challenge of energy scarcity, moving towards renewable and clean sources of energy are at the top of the national agenda. Electric vehicles promise zero tailpipe emissions and a reduction in air pollution in cities.

The government has come up with ambitious plans of introducing EVs to the Indian market and confine pace with the event of EVs globally The Indian government has created momentum through its Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles schemes that encourage, and in some segments mandates the adoption of electric vehicles (EV), with a goal of reaching 100% Electric Vehicle Nation by 2030.

Evolving with the changing times, we are also taking various steps to cement their legacy in the industry and those steps include Early mover advantage in the 100% Electric Urban Mobility space in India, Mumbai's largest independent B2C service provider for EVs with proprietary driven tech which is reliable and sustainable, Industry First commuter benefits (no cancellations and no surge pricing), Business Model making economic, environmental and social sense together, Creating the Largest Private Charging Infra Structure Set Up, and Focus to transform Driver's' (employ 25% women drivers) lives with higher earnings and a safe work environment.

As an experienced stalwart working in the e-vehicles industry, what advice would you give to the budding professionals in this domain?
You have to be doggedly behind your belief and you should not get derailed because of some difficulties. If the belief is there that you can create a world class company, you will create a world class company. You have to be behind it every day, every hour till you've achieved your vision.

Kuldip Ghosh, CEO:
Kuldip's colleagues know him as a highly creative individual who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach. As a leader, he has always earned the respect of his team which has enabled him to build highly motivated units focused on achie ving the end goal. Kuldip has completed his PGDBA in Finance & IT from IBS and CFA and PGDFA from ICFAI.

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