PTC India Financial Services: Adding Value While Making Investments

PTC India Financial Services: Adding Value While Making Investments

“What is remarkable and distinguishes PFS from others is an integrated approach adopted in adding value in structuring and developing the project. This has given a new dimensionto the concept of development & financing of power projects in India,” asserted one of the elated clients of PTC India Financial Services Limited (PFS), an NBFC classified Infrastructure Finance Company (IFC). Committed to partner in infrastructure development and support the power sector, PFS caters to the financial requirements of the sector.

With Indian power sector undergoing significant change that has redefined the industry, PFS’ products and services comprising of Debt Financing, Fee Based Services and Equity Investments, play a crucial role in enabling India become the power ground of the APAC region, where the country ranked fourth last year. Today, under the able leadership of Dr. Pawan Singh (MD & CEO), PFS is touching new heights each day. In an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, he delves deep into the offerings and plans for PFS.

Q. Tell us about PFS.
A. Promoted by PTC India Ltd., PFS is a systematically important non-deposit taking NBFC, classified as IFC by RBI. The company is listed in both NSE and BSE, and is engaged in the business of making investments in and providing financing solutions to companies with projects in the power sector and related areas across the entire energy value chain. We act as a one-stop-shop for financing of power projects throughout the project lifecycle. We have a huge hunger to undertake risk analysis of power projects, and in the way mitigate them while structuring innovative financial products/solutions in a quick time frame.

As a preferred financial partner, we are highly valued by project developers. We firmly believe in developing long term relationship with credible stakeholders rather than mere participation in equity and provision of debt assistance, which helps create a win win situation for both PFS and the project developers. Like a true partner, we even guide potential promoters in the sound development of the power projects by providing technical inputs in structuring of the project and achieving financial closure. To achieve this, we mobilise our resources at the most competitive terms to channelize those in high yielding assets in the energy value
chain. We thus establish an all-inclusive, diversified and efficient value chain to offer a sustained efficient delivery of financial services to power projects of the marketing and selling arrangement of power, fuel intermediation and offering advisory services under one roof.

Q. You have been in the power sector for decades. How do you leverage this expertise to serve clients?
A. I have 34 years of experience in finance including infrastructure finance, and have held high/Board level responsibilities in all key areas of power sector including generation transmission, distribution and infrastructure financing. Thanks to the learning through the journey I have successfully turned the table from loss to dividend making for several power companies. I use this expertise to craft strategies to enable PFS serve clients better and become their partner in success.

We firmly believe in developing long term relationship with credible stakeholders rather than mere participation in equity and provision of debt assistance

Q. Kindly throw some light on the services that you offer.
A. We majorly provide fund based/non-fund based financial assistance in the form of debt or structured debt instruments, taking into account the need of the promoter/borrowing company condition of the financial markets, risks and rewards from the project and regulatory requirements. These assistance are provided for expenditure on a greenfield project,expenditure on capacity expansion/ renovation of an existing asset, acquisition of an operating asset, take over of an existing debt facility, securitization of future cashflows of an operating asset, investment as equity or structured debt in a subsidiary company for CAPEX addition, pooling of assets and much more.

PFS also considers financing of infrastructure projects other than energy projects. These includes roads, ports green field & brownfield ports,infra logistic services like development of container terminal road or railway line connecting port & hinterland, and other areas of
infrastructure like city water distribution and so on.

However, it is important to note that our products are not just off the shelf kind, but are structured based on the specific requirements of the project and their developers. Our services are further moulded considering the risk and reward profile at competitive transaction costs and with least response time.

Q. Tell us about team PFA and their under standing of the Indian power sector, which helps serve customers better.
A. As an exclusively devoted company to serve power sector,we have gained immense expertise over the years. Our team of experts, who symbolizes unity, delivery and strength, are the backbone of PFS’ success and its precise service offerings. This helps us be that one-stop-shop offering wide range of debt and equity linked financing products, which every company in the power sector needs. Our team has crafted products that meet various stages of product life cycle, from development, financial closure to post operationalization stage.

However it isn’t as easy as it seems. Over the years we have comprehended the significance of serving vital reliable services in the success of an organization, hence we have tied up to make marketing and selling arrangement of power, fuel inter mediation and even offer advisory services under the dependable PTC umbrella.

Q. What is the future road map of the company that you have established keeping in view the mission of the organization?
A. As mentioned earlier, our vision is to be the most preferred financial partner in the entire energy value chain. We are working together as a team to accomplish this by crafting bespoke services and by acting as the partner of the client’s business, thus scripting their success stories.

We will continue in our endeavour to do so and make India one of the power hubs of the world. We are committed to trust, delivery and our vision.

Key Management:
Dr. Pawan Singh, MD & CEO
Holding an MBA and Ph.D in management, Dr. Pawan is presently on the Board of IIFCL (AMC),and Board of Governors, MDI, Gurgaon. He had been a member of the IRAS earlier.

Office: New Delhi
Offerings: Debt Financing, Fee-Based Services & Equity Investments

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