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Rajashree Nambiar: Driving Transformative Change & Building A Legacy For Sustainable Finance

Rajashree Nambiar: Driving Transformative Change & Building A Legacy For Sustainable Finance

 Rajashree Nambiar,   Co-founder, MD & CEO Analyst

Rajashree Nambiar

Co-founder, MD & CEO Analyst

In an era defined by pressing environmental challenges, visionary leaders are emerging as catalysts for lasting change. These leaders recognize that the pursuit of profit must harmonize with the imperative to protect our planet's resources for future generations. One such leader is Rajashree Nambiar, whose distinguished career spanning more than three decades exemplifies the power of combining expertise with a commitment to sustain ability.

Rajashree's journey through diverse corporate cultures, from multinational banks to foreign-owned NBFCs, reflects her deep understanding of consumer banking dynamics. However, it's her role at Ecofy that truly underscores her dedication to driving transformative change. As the force behind this new venture, Rajashree is harnessing her knowledge to create a sustainable financial ecosystem, ensuring that eco-conscious choices are not just an option but a financial catalyst. With a focus on green finance, Ecofy is a testament to Rajashree's unwavering belief that impactful leadership can usher in a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

In an insightful dialogue with CEO Insights magazine, Rajashree unfolds the compelling nuances of her entrepreneurial journey. Here's an excerpt from the intriguing conversation.

Could you tell us about the unique experiences JBIMS offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
JBIMS was undeniably my career's launching pad. Situated at the heart of South Mumbai, the institute’s uniqueness is unparalleled. During my time pursuing an MBA there, I found the city's vibrant corporate hub to be a potent learning ground. Engaging in actual corporate projects for enterprises within the vicinity provided a firsthand taste of the professional arena. Moreover, the infusion of visiting faculty and
accomplished personalities from the corporate realm, elevated my education. These industry stalwarts, conducting evening classes, introduced us to practical insights that set JBIMS apart.

Through sustainable finance, we're crafting a legacy that transcends profits, inspiring a wave of positive change for our planet and generations to come

How would you define Ecofy as an organization and its current position in the market?
Ecofy stands as India's pioneering green-exclusive venture, strategically poised to shape a forward-looking business landscape. Our core belief is that finance acts as the driving force behind environmentally conscious decisions. In a market where wholesale endeavors dominate, we are carving a distinct path by becoming the financial partner for green choices on the retail front. Our scope encompasses financing electric vehicles, rooftop solar installations and energy-efficient SMEs, by embracing a comprehensive range of climate-positive retail alternatives. Setting us apart is our sharp focus on the end consumer, whether individual or small business, facilitated by our modern, digitally driven approach. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our choice of sectors and industries, strictly limited to those with positive climate impact and rely on strategic partnerships, acting as pathways to connect with our customer base.

Tell me about the unique traits of your leadership and what are the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team?
Amid crafting a new enterprise, my dual focus extends to both company development and fostering a vibrant culture. At the heart of my leadership approach lies fostering a team driven by ownership, self-motivation, and inclusivity. Our informal and collaborative environment welcomes passionate young talents, providing them end-to-end visibility into our ground up operations, encouraging a culture of continuous learning. I lead by personally engaging in addressing challenges and firmly believe in cultivating a workplace that seamlessly blends professionalism and enjoyment.
What is the future destination you are heading towards?
Our goal is to craft a world-class, environmentally conscious platform one that's entirely dedicated to the principles of sustainability. Looking ahead, we are confident that within the upcoming three to five years, Ecofy will solidify its position as the heart of the green ecosystem. We are poised to welcome over 100,000 committed customers who share our dedication to a greener world and further contribute to the foundation of a sustainable future.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the upcoming industry leaders?
There are a few things I've come to understand through my journey. Firstly, I've realized the importance of excelling in one's field. It's crucial to bring a solid foundation of domain expertise to the table when shaping one's career. However, I've also learned that along the way, it's beneficial to acquire lateral skills and diverse experiences, especially if aiming for higher leadership positions. Secondly, I've found it valuable to acknowledge and leverage my own strengths. It's easy to compare oneself to others, but true success comes from embracing what you are naturally good at. Another lesson I've gathered is the significance of staying attuned to industry trends. And lastly, amidst the demands of professional growth, I always emphasize the need to prioritize both physical well-being and family time.

Rajashree Nambiar, Co-founder, Managing Director & CEO, Ecofy
Having worked extensively in multinational, Indian promoter-led, and foreign-owned financial institutions, Rajashree Nambiar possesses a profound understanding of the intricacies within these domains. Her foundational experience of 22 years at Standard Chartered Bank significantly honed her expertise in financial product distribution, which held her in good stead when she headed an Indian and a foreign owned NBFC. Her current endeavor, Ecofy, involves building a brand from the ground up, driven by a noble cause, exemplifying her dedication to creating a lasting legacy in the realm of sustainable finance.

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