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Rhea Mehta: Making Positive Dent in the World of Marketing

Rhea Mehta: Making Positive Dent in the World of Marketing

Rhea Mehta, Founder

Rhea Mehta


Digital transformation is the need of the hour and the most urgent challenge every business leader needs to deal with. Yet such transformations often are under delivered, grind to a halt and fail. Hence there’s a wind surrounding us that learning how to be digital is more difficult, risky and painful. But Rhea Mehta thinks differently. Through her company Digi Duck, she is all set to change the wind itself through her out-of-the-box digital marketing strategies.

At a young age of 22, Rhea established Digi Duck to help brands grow through creative brand solutions. She speaks at large with CEO Insights about her journey, Digi Duck and her plans.

Q. What inspired you to incept Digi Duck and how has been the journey so far?
A. While working in PR managing corporate giants, I realized that the approach used was very one directional. Hence most brands ended up needing separate agencies for Advertising, Digital Marketing, PR, Design and Media Planning resulting in a confused brand voice and inconvenience for brands. This inspired me to create a space where I could put all my experiences working in different facets of media together to help brands achieve the right marketing mix with the help of writers, designers, advertising, public relations, and branding, all under one roof, and thus Digi Duck was born.

Within just a year of operations, we worked on 25 projects with organizations like WHO and Indian National Association of Engineers to Hospitality brands like Getafix Café and Andreas Eatery to name a few. Working with startups and established organizations taught me unique aspects of the industry and gave an opportunity to broaden my horizons and spearhead brand launches.

Q. Tell us how you differ from the competition. Also discuss about your offerings.
A. We are a creative force that takes brand building very seriously. We understand how important your brand is to you and hence ensure results with exceptional strategies. Backed by thorough research and
market analysis, we come up with creative brand solutions best suited to help your brand grow.

We offer a multitude of services, from social media marketing, branding,online advertising, content writing, design, public relations, influencer marketing, to social media listening. We comprehend the shift in the marketing landscape where the spotlight now is on customers, who are at the center of the strategy. Hence we combine creativity, technical data, analytics, and digital engineering to device powerful narratives to tap into people’s desires, wishes and aspirations.

It is pertinent in the modern world to be up-to-date; hence I keep taking up short term courses

Q. Digi Duck is a creative name. Could you tell us what it symbolises?
A. The spiritual meaning of Duck speaks the message: Be in the now, be in the moment, for this is where all of your power exists and is available to you. Ducks love the gentle motion of slow-moving water, drifting along meandering rivers and ponds. It is a powerful message to go with the flow, where the water takes you naturally. One of the qualities of the duck that really spoke to us was the fact that it appears calm on the surface as it swims, but underneath the surface, you realize that its wildly paddling to move forward some thing we truly could relate to.

Q. Interesting! But bringing all the marketing elements under one roof and managing them successfully require huge experience. Tell us about your experience that helps you drive Digi Duck.
A. Very true! Extraordinary is the ordinary in today’s world. My analytical and creative bent of mind can be credited to my teachers, and the experiences I had as early as school. Studying at The British School, I learned to appreciate different cultures and hone my creativity through various extracurricular activities and debates. I hold an Undergraduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from Kamala Nehru College DU, and later pursued a Masters in Advertising and PR from The Indian Institute of Mass Communication, while I also obtained a Degree in Business Management & Digital Marketing from IIT Delhi-CCBM.

It is pertinent in the modern world to be up-to-date hence I keep taking up short term courses. During my college days, I even made sure I always had an internship, which
helped me truly understand that half of my learning will be derived outside the classroom doing real work.

Q. What were some of the challenges you encountered in your journey?
A. There are many facets of challenges an entrepreneur encounters. One being finding the right talent that almost every entrepreneur encounters. But thanks to the network of talented and creative professionals I had built while working in various media outlets, I decided to create a team of people bringing in different talents together and turning Digi Duck into a creative powerhouse. I keep them motivated and driven through a range of workshops, seminars, gamification in the workplace and creating a comfortable work environment that is conducive to creative thinking.

As a startup founder, you need to wear multiple hats, and I understood this quite early. The only way to do so was to educate myself on the basics of all the business functions by learning how to manage company finances, to designing more technical skills like understanding the backend of a website. Another hurdle I faced being a young female, running a startup alone and without any financial backing was thescepticism from bystanders. It was difficult for some to fathom a young woman running an agency.

Q. For a young entrepreneur,family is the fulcrum that keeps them moving. How has your family had your back?
A. My parents are my biggest mentors. While my mother taught me to stand my ground and be a better leader, I learned wisdom, creative problem solving and the art of remaining clam through a storm from my father. Being a startup entrepreneur mostly consumes you as a whole. My family made me realize that I needed to have a full life outside of my work, and that’s when I decided to prioritize myself. Today physical exercise and meditation are my daily escape. I make out time for friends and family every week, which really has improved my productivity.

Today I want to pass on my experience and learning as a young entrepreneur to spark young minds and give them the confidence to also pursue the media business as a viable career option.

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Rhea Mehta, Founder, Digi Duck
A trained western classical singer who is passionate about Jazz music, Rhea has worked with NDTV as a subeditor before incepting Digi Duck. This young entrepreneur, who is passionate about travelling, is silently creating a huge positive dent in the digital marketing industry through her smart and creative strategies.

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