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Rishi Raj Sharma: A New-Age Leader With A Strong Focus On Gen Z

Rishi Raj Sharma: A New-Age Leader With A Strong Focus On Gen Z

Rishi Raj Sharma,   Director - Trusoul & Vice President -  Baidyanath

Rishi Raj Sharma

Director - Trusoul & Vice President - Baidyanath

A large part of the younger generation suffers from poor lifestyle factors, further fueled by unsustainable modern lifestyle vices, which have resulted in growing cases of various health issues, such as stress, sleep, low immunity, hair loss, and skin-related issues. To help the young generation tackle these modern lifestyle related issues, Trusoul by Baidyanath, a wellness & personal care brand, from the house of India’s leading Ayurvedic company, Baidyanath, has developed authentic Ayurvedic solutions in some of the most convenient and consumer-friendly options, such as gummies, sleep shots, and oils. One of the major architects behind the brand has been the 4th generation promoter and Vice President of Baidyanath Group, Rishi Raj Sharma. Starting his journey as a Business Analyst at Baidyanath, Rishi, over the years, has taken various leadership roles across the organization and is currently at the helm of the future strategic direction of the firm.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Rishi sheds light on his overall industry experience and educational background, his leadership approaches, and much more.

Give a brief account of your profes-sional background and experiences. What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?

After my schooling at Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram, I did my Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As my grandfather was very keen that I join the family business, I returned after my undergrad and joined Baidyanath as a Business Analyst, primarily working in the Sales and Marketing department for the next three years before moving into more strategic roles. I went on to complete my MBA from London Business School
in 2021. Since then, I have been looking into the strategic direction of the organization. When I was around 15 or 16, I remember my grandfather having me sit down and telling me the words that would stick with me for life, 'As a member of the Baidyanath family, we have a big responsibility towards the company, the employees and specially the consumers. The years of trust built between the organization and the people should never be broken in any manner'. His words have been etched in my memory and have been the primary driving force that have shaped my career.

A leader should always have clarity & a proper plan before executing a task

Tell us about the unique experiences the University of Illinois offers and what you learned from the campus beyond academics.

One of the most valuable and distinctive takeaways from my time at the University of Illinois was the rich diversity of cultures, backgrounds, and thought processes. We were a cohort of around 40000 people from all around the world and that sharing of thoughts and brainstorming sessions opens up your horizon towards ideas or concepts that were once alien to you. I am still in touch with my friends and professors from my university days. The university also puts a lot of focus on helping you grow as a well-rounded individual by sharpening your extra-curricular activities and has multiple clubs to help you learn and grow. Apart from that, there is also a huge research center in the university, where you can meet companies, experience what they are working on, learn about the latest market trends, and much more.

Define Trusoul by Baidyanath as an organization and its position in the market.

During one of our market studies a few years ago, we realized there is a need for wellness products for the current generation or Gen Z, who are either hesitant of or not that familiar with traditional Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicines but want to adapt it into their routine. That's how Trusoul by Baidyanath was born. The major target of this brand has
always been the younger generations, who have a healthier predisposition to life and are keen to try Ayurveda, but in a more relatable and convenient format.

Through our in-depth primary market research, we uncovered prevalent lifestyle challenges confronting the current generation, including stress, sleep disturbances, vitality issues, PCOS, and more. Employing intensive research and development, we have harnessed Baidya-nath's expertise and incorporated the purest Ayurvedic ingredients to create meticulously balanced and effective products in the form of oils, gummies, shots, and teas that target some of these ailments. Trusoul embodies the soul of Baidyanath, along with the trust of the brand, while carving its own niche.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

I would define myself as both an empathetic and stern leader. While I am very much approachable to everyone on the team for any kind of queries or suggestions, I am also equally meticulous when it comes to deadlines and quality work. Instead of creating followers, I, as a leader, believe in building and molding individuals. I prefer having one-on-one relationships with most of the team and helping them grow as individuals. A large part of leadership is all about having the right team around you. Even if you are a great leader, if you don't have a good team, no matter what you do or try, it won't be able to give you the expected output.

Rishi Raj Sharma, Director, Trusoul Vice President – Baidyanath

An accomplished business leader, Rishi Raj Sharma after his graduation joined his family business, the prestigious Baidyanath Group, as a Business Analyst before moving on to various strategic and leadership roles over the years and is currently working as the Vice President at the firm. He is also one of the chief architects behind the newest brand, Trusoul by Baidyanath, which primarily focuses on the current young generation.

•Hobbies: Playing and creating music working out
•Favorite Cuisine: Italian
•Favorite Book: How to Thrive in a Family Business by Ajay Sharma
•Favorite Travel Destination:

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