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Rohit Arora: Crafting A Legacy Of Purpose Driven Businesses And Global Impact

Rohit Arora: Crafting A Legacy Of Purpose Driven Businesses And Global Impact

  Rohit Arora,   Founder

Rohit Arora


Guiding SME owners in discovering and actualizing their purpose is the foundation of existence for Rohit. As entrepreneurs unlock their true purpose, authenticity and passion permeate their ventures, cultivating a profound connection with their work. This clarity propels innovation and aligns teams to a shared vision. In today's dynamic business landscape, it is imperative that SME owners stay armed with a profound purpose to navigate challenges and ensure their enterprises thrive. In light of this, Rohit Arora established TransGanization Creation, dedicated to empowering SMEs with purpose-driven leadership for sustainable growth.

Rohit Arora, the luminary behind TransGanization Creation stands as a beacon of purpose-driven leadership and transformative entrepreneurship in the country. With an unwavering commitment to fostering a global mindset and extra ordinary capability in passionate entrepreneurs, Rohit has embedded his purpose seamlessly within the fabric of TransGanization. Beyond his role as a dynamic entrepreneur, Rohit Arora is also a prolific author, with two best-selling books to his credit: TransGanization and Journey of Ajaa. These literary works reflect not only his deep understanding of organizational transformation but also his ability to communicate profound concepts in a relatable manner.

Below is an excerpt of Rohit Arora’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you tell us about your professional journey and the inspiration behind establishing TransGanization Creation?
My professional journey commenced at Arthur Andersen after graduating from IIT Bombay, where I felt constrained working strictly within defined scopes. This realization deepened during the Enron scandal. During my journey through Andersen and KPMG, the problem persisted. After pursuing my further education at ISB and Kellogg School of Management, I became an HSBC scholar. Yet deep within, the challenges I had witnessed in the organizations I consulted with during my earlier employments haunted me. Hence,
my journey with Sab TV, and then Jawed Habib only strengthened my belief. Here, I had a complete view, control and flexibility to bring improvements that led to overall organizational impact. Overall, the experience of identifying a void and then actually witnessing a massive transformation by filling that gap led to my first book "TransGanization”, a road map to Transforming Organizations. The urge to make it possible for the SME sector of our country to make best use of this very understanding led to the birth of TransgGanization Creation.

Our mission is singular: to cultivate extraordinary capabilities within Indian companies, fostering a leap into the global arena

Over the past decade, we've transformed mindsets and organizations, working intimately with over 400 companies, through a companionship model over the traditional method of consulting. Our approach embraces adopting ancient Indian learnings to guide entrepreneurs in building their success stories.

Share with us your academic experience from the Indian School of Business. What did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
My academic journey at the Indian School of Business (ISB) unfolded a profound revelation through the course "Leadership Lessons from World Literature." It shattered the conventional belief that disciplines like science, art, and commerce exist in isolation. This course illuminated the critical role of emotions in every facet of life, be it professional endeavours, family dynamics, or personal growth. The intertwining of emotional and spiritual intelligence emerged as the cornerstone of effective decision-making.

Beyond academic confines, ISB became a platform for me to delve into uncharted territories, exploring the nexus between a person's environment and their ability to create or dismantle. The enduring lesson: true success lies not just in intellectual prowess but in harmonizing emotional, spiritual, and technical dimensions for a fulfilled and ethically grounded life.

Define TransGanization Creation as an organization and its position in the market.
TransGanization Creation is a boutique management companion, dedicated to propelling Indian Small and Medium Enterprises onto the global stage by cultivating
extraordinary capabilities. We advocate a philosophy of 'love all, serve all, give all' challenging the scarcity and self-centered mindset. As an Extreme Ownership company, we offer a comprehensive suite of services from strategizing to implementation of progressive systems, processes, and policies across all departments and domains of the organizations we work with. We do not restrain ourselves with a strict scope that overlooks interdependencies that essentially define how organizations really work. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment as companions, walking together with entrepreneurs through all phases of their journey. Additionally, our upcoming funding initiative aims to eliminate financial barriers, ensuring our partners take the final leap towards greatness.

What principles and methodologies guide your leadership approach, ensuring effective guidance and cohesion within your team?
My leadership ethos is encapsulated in the mantra of Love, Serve & Give. It embodies selflessness, with a focus solely on others. This philosophy extends to a distinctive 'lose-win' leadership approach. I strive to immerse myself in the victories of those around me, believing that authentic leadership means losing oneself in the success of others. Unlike conventional win-win paradigms, my strength lies in relinquishing personal gains for the collective benefit of the team.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
Our trajectory is far beyond the conventional; it's a 50-year vision. Illustrated in a transformation roadmap, the destination is to elevate Indian SMEs into global giants. Cultivating a culture-aligned team to a bigger purpose will be the only mantra of real transformative growth. Our upcoming initiatives include the creation of a conscious business fund for equity participation, as well as knitting a strong community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. The ultimate vision is to become the world's sole large portfolio investor-operator, reshaping the landscape of organizational transformation.

Rohit Arora, Founder, TransGanization Creation
Rohit Arora, founder of TransGanization Creation, is a visionary leader in purpose driven entrepreneurship. With a background in esteemed firms like KPMG and HSBC, Rohit dedicates himself to guiding SMEs towards global prominence. An acclaimed author and spiritual guide, his transformative approach shapes organizations with a blend of passion, purpose, and resilience.

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