Samank: The Go - To Brand for All Food Ingredients in the Indian Diet

Samank: The Go - To Brand for All Food Ingredients in the Indian Diet

Kamal Poddar,  Managing Director

Kamal Poddar

Managing Director

The data analytics firm Nielson in its recent report revealed that the growth of FMCG sector in India during the first half of 2019 was around 12 percent, which is quite lower than its previous forecast of 13-14 percent. Yet, the sector will not witness de-growth when compared to other sectors such as automobile due to its contribution towards essential products. In fact, the value of Indian FMCG market is projected to cross $100 billion by 2020!

Poised perfectly in the food bracket of FMCG industry is Samank Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. offering a wide range of products under the brand name ‘Samank’. Since its establishment in 2012, this brand has been sailing ahead with the sole vision of being customers’ first & only choice in every food ingredient available at every house. Be it Atta, Maida, Rava, Besan or Tea, Samank holds a diverse portfolio of best quality products that serve as the backbones to the Indian diet.

Samank belongs to the parent company Choice International Limited, a multi diversified financial conglomerate, which is currently spearheaded by Kamal Poddar (Managing Director).Below are the snippets of an exclusive conversation of Kamal with CEO Insights, wherein he narrates the story of Samank and its core competencies.

How was Samank born from a large conglomerate?
Firstly, we are one big family at Choice International aspiring to tap into every industry vertical. For instance, we have a dedicated company called SK Patodia Chartered Accountant for Audit & Finance, The Byke Hotels for hotels, and Choice Broking for BSE, NSE, NCDX & others. Samank,on the other hand, was incorporated with the sole intention of making healthy nutrition available to all people
through its spectrum of grocery items. Today by overcoming our competitors’ pricing, we are catering to every family and institution with superior products at affordable prices in tune with our company’s tagline ‘Good Food, Good Health’.

What do the name Samank and its brand logo signify?
Each letter in the name Samank denotes the first letter in my parents’names. The logo portrays a chakra with eight lines, resembling our Indian flag and thereby stating that we are an Indian brand.

We are in the constant pursuit of harnessing newer and better processes, products & services in order to present our customers with nothing less than the best

Brief us on your range of products and their unique features.
Our brand goes by the tagline ‘Nurturing your health’. In fact, we are in the constant pursuit of harnessing newer and better processes, products & services in order to present our customers with nothing less than the best. Currently, we are offering products such as Samank Chakki Fresh Atta, Tandoor Atta, Maida, Rava, Besan & Multigrain Atta. The unique aspect of these products is that each one is made from top-notch ingredients so that our customers can relish authentic food, which is nutritious, healthy, pure and chemical-free.

Cast some light on the process of sourcing ingredients and processing involved with your products.
Speaking of ingredients, we source the ones with best quality only from selected locations and manufacturers. This process begins with us visiting the sites of manufacturers to check the way they are providing ingredients, followed by certain quality checks and cleaning process at our facilities. In regard to the quality checks, we ensure to check each product at least twice before packing it. To achieve this, we have a dedicated Quality Control system that assures to keep-up the quality as per FSSAI norms, while metal detectors note the product’s weight when passed through them. We also adhere to a predefined schedule to
regularly clean the machines as well as the entire plant. This way, we are seamlessly unveiling products that are completely organic and devoid of fertilizers pesticides or GMOs.

Walk us through the upcoming products in your pipeline.
Recently we have launched Samank Tea, which is gaining huge acceptance from our customers in the market, besides different kinds of Atta like Sharbati Atta. We also have Spices, Sugar, Pasta, Rice and many other products in our pipeline that are yet to be unveiled. To achieve our sole mission of being the go-to brand for our customers even in 2020, we have already setup separate distributor networks for heavy volumetric products and light weighted products respectively.

Do you take inputs from your team on new product ideas?
Absolutely! We acknowledge the diverse ideas and perspectives of every individual at Samank so that the entire team produces good works and also grows significantly. We also arrange sales meeting every week, wherein inputs from our sales team are garnered and necessary actions are taken. This meeting happens at dedicated locations, hosted by dedicated sales officers and their own teams.

What future plans do you have for Samank?
As mentioned, we are all geared-up to launch many products in our pipeline that would form a sumptuous Thali meal. While accumulating the state-of-the-art machines, we are also adapting to newfangled technologies in order to make our work easier and faster. Altogether, we are proud and fortunate to have variegated products in our portfolio that are essential to establish our brand persona and also remain successful in the ever-growing FMCG industry of India. A bright future is what we foresee for our company!

Key Management:
Kamal Poddar, Managing Director
Despite experiencing a roller coaster kind of journey, Kamal has always been self-motivated and inculcated a spirit of achieving perfection across his entire team at the Choice Group. He Believes in Entrepreneurial culture and building Leaders around him.

Quick Facts:
•Inception Year: 2012
•Location: Mumbai
•Products: Samank Chakki Fresh AttaTandoor Atta, Maida, Rava Besan & Multigrain Atta Tea, Spices and many others

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