Japfa: Revolutionizing Animal Protein & Feed Verticals

Japfa: Revolutionizing Animal Protein & Feed Verticals

Prasad Wagh, Managing Director

Prasad Wagh

Managing Director

Due to a plenty of reasons like burgeoning population, varying lifestyles & dietary habits, increase in exports and others, the consumption of animal protein and dairy products in India is increasing significantly, thereby augmenting their demand. This in turn is spiking-up the demand for animal feed, which makes India one of the fastest growing animal feed markets in the world.

Harnessing the best might of these two brackets animal protein and animal feed is Japfa, an agroindustrial food company that is living its sole purpose of feeding the emerging Asian population with top-notch animal protein. Adhering to its guiding philosophy of ‘Make Good, Always’, the company currently caters to the B2B segment with farmer centric animal protein & feed products. By 2020 Japfa aspires to plunge into the B2C segment too by establishing a chain of meat stores, with a strong vision of serving the end consumers. This way it aims to complete the value chain!

Prasad Wagh, Managing Director, Japfa, is a Business Management maven with over 32 years of professional experience across Middle East, Southeast Asian and South Asian markets. He has passionately described about Japfa’s excellence in the animal protein and feed brackets with CEO Insights. Here are the excerpts!

Brief us on the journey of Japfa so far.
Established in 1996 across Pune, Japfa started with the main goal of providing poultry feed customers with a wide range of poultry feed products offering precise nutrition and consistent quality of global standards. Since then, we have developed and introduced many innovative products in feed & popularized concepts like feed conversion ratios, and over the years have emerged as a thought leader in the field. We take pride in being recognized as innovators right from the beginning. In 2013 I joined Japfa and developed extensively committed teams and also focused on developing & managing a phenomenal brand reputation. Today, we are in a position to grow
aggressively in India with ambitious plans of making difference in the way we execute business.

Realizing that every breed requires different nutrition and not a one-size-fits-all solution, we came-up with a new concept of breed specific nutrition, which is a major game changer for us even today

What does your brand logo signify?
Our logo is a happy man, which signifies the happiness on our consumers’ faces and our happiness in serving them.

Could you cast some light on your business verticals?
80 percent of our business constitutes poultry feed, wherein we have brands namely Comfeed, Benefeed & Ultrafeed, while the rest constitutes animal protein business, which is currently poultry in India.

Realizing that every breed requires different nutrition and not a one size-fits-all solution, we came-up with a new concept of breed specific nutrition, which is a major game changer for us even today. I’d say Comfeed is our bestselling brand with the largest market share, which is a premium feed for Cobb breed broilers and layer birds. Similarly, Ultrafeed the brand that we launched in 2019, offers breed specific feed for AP95 breed broiler and broiler breeder birds.

Under the animal protein vertical, we are offering dairy, swine, poultry and aqua products globally. In India we have started with poultry segment, but at the right time, we would venture-out to other segments of animal protein as well. The new business that we are planning to enter in 2020 is food business. We want to complete our value chain in poultry from feed to farm to food and thereby establish a fully integrated business. We are looking to enter the food business through a chain a meat stores and branded products.

How do you source the raw materials for your products and process them at your facilities?
In India, we have 700+ vendors in our portfolio from different geographies across the country. Our feed mills are located at diverse geographies of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh Tamilnadu, Bihar, North East and West Bengal. We ensure that the right volume of quality raw materials are available to manufacture our products. In fact,
we are the only player in the industry with a 100 percent raw material quality check process that includes three stages of screening. We consider our ability to source best quality raw materials consistently as our competitive advantage and the one of the main reasons that we manage to deliver consistently superior quality feed.

Our primordial forte across these feed mills is to deploy international technologies, processes and equipment in order to produce animal feed with consistent quality. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we conduct quality checks at every stage of the production process. We will also be acquiring ISO 22000:2018, GMP and FSSC certifications for our feed mills by 2021, which no feed mill in India has received so far. In 2020, we plan to commission two new feed mills by deploying the most advanced feed milling technology with globally benchmarked quality labs.

What is your take on innovations? Also, walk us through your brand’s vision for 2020 and the following years.
In the feed business, we are currently developing customized solutions under the breed specific nutrition concept in accordance with the evolving customer demands. Going forward we are looking at launching a series of products in poultry feed to address the demands of precise nutrition for birds and enhance farm performance and farmer profitability.

In the coming years, our major investments will be in the poultry protein segment and food business. In poultry farm business, we are looking at innovations to improve on areas of animal welfare and food safety. In the food space, we are looking at providing complete traceability to consumers for our meat products. Our brand’s vision for 2020 is to ‘MAKE GOOD ALWAYS’, which is Japfa India’s guiding philosophy. We want to be the brand of choice for customers across feed, farm and food categories by providing consistent quality, food safety and best nutrition.

Key Management:
Prasad Wagh, Managing Director
Having involved in leadership roles across diverse categories and countries for the past 15 years, Prasad believes that leadership comes from impact influence and inspiration.

Location: Pune
Products: Animal Feed, Day-old Chicks, Hatching Eggs, Broiler Bird & Jyada Fayda Combo

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