Shekar Eye Hospital: Complete Ophthalmic Care with International Quality & Affordable Price

Shekar Eye Hospital: Complete Ophthalmic Care with International Quality & Affordable Price

Dr. Rajashekar Y L,  FounderEye disorders & diseases such as Cataract, Dry Eyes, Glaucoma, Allergic Conjunctivitis, Refractive Disorders, and many more are currently witnessing huge prevalence along with projected incidence in India. Hence, there lies a burgeoning demand for eye hospitals with excellence in a range of ophthalmic therapeutics & surgeries, while keeping them cost effective. Poised in the ophthalmic market since 1999, Shekar Eye Hospital (SEH) has been answering this demand proactively as a super specialty eye hospital through international quality eye care.

Besides being NABH accredited hospital, SEH stands as a one stop shop for entire ophthalmology, offering all eye related care, treatments, medicines, tests, consultation, and surgeries. Despite the increasing cost of operations in diverse aspects, SEH pledges to offer all the above services at affordable prices to local, national & international patients. Today, this hospital soars high across Bengaluru with phenomenal reputation built on experience, earlier results, trust and empathy.

SEH is the brainchild of Dr. Rajashekar Y L(Founder), one of the sophisticated surgeons in the world of ophthalmology with sterling credentials. He is a top ranking graduate(M.D) from All India institute of Medical Sciences, and a Management Graduate from prestigious IIM, Bangalore & Ahmedabad. While interacting with CEO Insights, he has articulated about the long standing expertise and experience of SEH in detail & his long vision of providing quality eye care to the society at affordable prices

Walk us through the idiosyncrasies of your hospital.
As a supe specialty hospital in ophthalmology, our biggest forte is our team of doctors & surgeons, where in majority of them possess more than 1.5 decades of experience in treating eye diseases. They have graduated from highly reputed institutes such as AIIMS, Aravind Eye Hospital and others, with super specialty expertise in Retina, Cornea, Glaucoma,Squint, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Oculoplasty, and many other eye diseases.

Our team is also extensively skilled to handle difficult cases, well trained & experienced to operate highend machines, and guide patients to recover in the fastest possible time. To stay updated, they constantly finetune their academic & surgical knowledge by attending seminars, conferences, and workshops both
nationally & internationally.

We greatly emphasize on providing preventive guidance to avoid any element of surprise for our patients, besides delivering frank opinions on the prognosis of any condition. In tune with the advancements in technology, we devise predictable outcomes for all sorts of eye disorders & diseases. Above all, we edify and explain in detail about each disease to patients, thus building a strong bond with them. The ethical practice we follow in treating our patients has helped to create a strong patient base.

We greatly emphasize on providing preventive guidance to avoid any element of surprise for our patients, besides delivering frank opinions on the prognosis of any condition

SEH offers a comprehensive range of ophthalmology services to patients. Kindly elaborate.
Our ophthalmology services include super-specialty services in Cornea, Retino vitreal, Glaucoma, Strabismus, Oculoplastry, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Refractive Surgeries such as LASIK, and many others. We predominantly deal with treating cataract, the leading cause of global blindness, which is indeed our flagship service. Deploying the latest 1.8 Micro Incision technology, we bring in faster recovery, avoid post surgical complication, and fetch extremely satisfactory results for our patients.

Other imported technologies like IOL Master, Stellaris Vision Enhancement System, and a spectrum of IOL implants such as monofocal, multifocal, trifocal & toric lenses, add to our forte in the segment of cataract. Altogether, we ensure to make the outcome of every treatment utterly successful with proper diagnosis via tests & equipment, and medical, procedural correction or surgical intervention.

Brief us on SEH’s technical infrastructure.
We own a fleet of equipment right from diagnostic equipment, Auto Refractometer, Retinoscopy, Slit Lamp Examination, to advanced OCT, Field Analyzer, Fundus Camera, Fluorescein Angiography, Corneal Topography System, Pachymeter, Specular Microscope, and many more. Especially for cataract, we have a NABH accredited state-of-the-art Operation Theatre furnished with high-end equipment like Leica, Zeiss Microscope, Stellaris Cataract, Vitrectomy Machines, Abbott’s Whitestar Signature, and others. In a nutshell, we are a tech-savvy eye hospital offering paperless services. We always ensure the equipment are latest to capture the accurate results and calibrations are done regularly. Besides well-trained clinical, technical & supportive staff, we have access to patients’ entire past & present records (HIS), arrange prior appointments, fast track mechanism where patients
wait for the least time, send follow up reminders via SMS, and conform to a time schedule at each level to create hassle free experiences for patients. All this is possible as we have robust IT support.

What are the support services that you provide to patients?
Shekar Eye Hospital is a patient centric organisaton. We ensure the patients/ relatives are comfortable during their stay. Patients are educated about the various eye related diseases through Audio Visual aids by our qualified team of Counsellors. Especially for patients undergoing surgery, we handle payments through cashless services(via TPA), and insurance desk, while fixing their surgery time in advance. The surgeries can be watched ‘Live’ by the relatives as we believe in transparency. Further, being a daycare centre allows us to deliver more comfort and reduced period of hospitalization to patients.

How does SEH stay ahead of the competition in the Indian ophthalmic market?
Our present focus is to ensure that the patients who visit us will get utmost care by ensuring the best practices. We are associated with the ophthalmology departments of major hospitals. We also have tie-ups with various organizations in the public sector to augment patient flow, adapt new fangled technologies, and increase patient care. As a part of CSR activity, we conduct camps and do numerous outreach programmes. To further grow as a brand, we at SEH are striving to indulge in variegated activities at the corporate level, and thus leverage a fair share from the health insurance sector.

On the other hand, we seamlessly deploy new, international technologies as well as new therapeutics across all our services. Our team is also trained constantly to improve patient care at all levels.

What are your hospital’s future goals?
To become a premier eye care organization by achieving excellence in patient care through advanced medical technology and quality healthcare services. We pledge to achieve this vision with a dedicated and committed team with core strength of human values & through exposure from international journals, conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses, besides upgrading our diagnostic & surgical equipment.

Dr.Rajashekar Y L, Founder
Dr.Rajashekar is a renowned ophthalmic surgeon and a top ranking postgraduate (MD) of the prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi. He has been serving for over one decade in the field of Ophthalmology, and has performed 30,000+ eye operations so far.

Location: Bengaluru
•LASIK & Refractive
•Diabetic Eye Care
•Pediatric Ophthalmology

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