Sinhue Noronha: Manufacturing High Quality Essential Medication In Africa

Sinhue Noronha: Manufacturing High Quality Essential Medication In Africa

Sinhue Noronha,CEOAfrica is a continent known for its multitudinous languages and cultures, exceptional ecodiversity and a large population of vibrant and innovative people. Despite the encouraging economic development in many African countries during the last decade, many of them are still characterized by widespread poverty. The continent's population has insufficient access to sanitation, safe drinking water and healthcare facilities. Sinhue Noronha, CEO, Africure Pharmaceuticals Ltd, has spent 30 years of his professional career providing many countries in the African continent with high quality medications initially manufactured in India and in recent years manufactured in Africa by Africans for Africa. He realizes that the failure to tackle the prevailing issues of the continent could deprive a whole generation of Africans the opportunities to develop their potential, escape poverty and support the trajectory toward economic growth. "We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference," said Nelson Mandela. Walking with a similar philosophy, Sinhue too has been making a difference in the lives of the people of Africa by achieving social objectives through his commercial venture. He founded Africure in 2017, with an aim to bring smiles on the faces of ailing Africans by helping them build self-sufficiency in manufacturing low cost, high quality medication. He is trying his best to help in alleviating poverty, illness and improving quality of life in Africa. Let's hear it from the man himself about his plans for a better Africa.

What was the inspiration behind founding Africure Pharmaceuticals?
I started off my career as a Medical representative and after that rapidly moved through the roles of product executive, product manager, Sr. Product manager, Marketing manager and Marketing controller in the Indian Pharmaceutical industry. At the age of around 27 years I had become a Marketing manager
managing a team of around 140 medical representatives.

At the age of 30 I decided to venture into my own business,I started a pharmaceutical company called "Simrone pharmaceuticals". Later I decided to build my own manufac turing factory in Palghar with the financial assistance from India's biggest financial institutions. The Manufacturing plant was an export only unit and still is functioning as one of Africure manufacturing plants, after 25 long years.

I have spent more than eight years in the company putting my learning's about the African pharmaceutical markets and growing the business from $5 million to $65 million till the end of my tenure in 2017

In the year 2008, I got an opportunity from an Indian Multinational company who is a global player in the field of pharmaceuti cals that decided to buy and merge my business with their African business. There I was designated the role of CEO for African business. This was indeed the turning point of my professional career. I have spent more than eight years in the company putting my learning's about the African pharmaceutical markets and growing the business from $5 million to $65 million till the end of my tenure in 2017.

I was offered to buy the generic part of the African business by the same company. After careful evaluation I decided to buy the business along with 8 manufacturing plants with the help of External investors. This is how I started Africure Pharmaceuticals Limited in 2017.

What is the unique proposition that Africure Pharmaceuticals offers to the clients?
Africure is committed to the health of Africans and hence has set up state of the art manufacturing facilities in key geographies of Africa. Our Plants are cGMP compliant and manufacture formulations to the exacting standards of the respective Pharmacopoeias. Our quality management systems are designed so as to ensure that the products manufactured are done in a uniform and standardized manner and that the entire manufacturing process
is SOP driven and under continuous over sight of quality assurance. We manufacture high quality products and provide the best services to our customers.We are committed to African health by ensuring continuous availability of medication at a reasonable price. We have the aim to set up one state of the art manufacturing facility every two year in the African subcontinent.

What are the major challenges that you have experienced in your professional journey so far? How did you overcome them?
Developing business in Africa had many challenges, like, scarcity of finance, healthcare, poor infrastructure, climate change, poor leadership and weak governance. But with our strong experience of working in developing countries, we were able to cross all the obstacles and move ahead of the curve. Having strong manufacturing and engineering teams helped us to conquer many countries of Africa. We emphasize using the local talent in our company, providing them with proper training and required technologies.

What are the opportunities that the African market holds for the young entre preneurs? What would be your advice to them?
The African market holds broad opportuni ties for many budding entrepreneurs in this domain. Business here is a way to enlighten the lives of millions in the continent. Young entrepreneurs should be strong and brave enough to grab such opportunities. They might face several hurdles on their way but they should have the capacity to overcome those hurdles. Africa is waiting for people who can bring in new technologies and help them build a better future for themselves. There are great opportunities for young entrepre neurs to set up manufacturing facilities in Africa and help the Africans by provi ding employment and good quality essential medicines.

Sinhue Noronha,CEO, Africure Pharma ceuticals Mauritius
A MBA in Marketing, Sinhue has more than 30 years of experience in African Markets focusing on marketing and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products.

Vision: Help Africa build self-sufficiency in pharmaceuticals across key geographic areas.

Mission: Manufacture high quality essential medication in Africa by Africans for Africa.

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