Sudesh Rughoobur: A Well-Acknowledged Technocrat Propelling Through Hard Work, Perseverance & Dedication | CEOInsights Vendor
Sudesh Rughoobur: A Well-Acknowledged Technocrat Propelling Through Hard Work, Perseverance & Dedication

Sudesh Rughoobur: A Well-Acknowledged Technocrat Propelling Through Hard Work, Perseverance & Dedication

Sudesh Rughoobur, CEO

Sudesh Rughoobur


As human civilization is evolving in a world of stiff competition where there is no place for amateurism, the need of the hour is to mold every possible drawback into. Coming from a modest family which had limited means to send the children to university, Sudesh Rughoobur owing to his determination managed to enroll for a diploma in management studies at the University of Mauritius. Subsequently, through hard work and perseverance, he not only gathered adequate resources to complete his MBA from the Birmingham Business School, but also commenced his professional career as a teacher and later joined a private firm as a Human Resources officer. Taking a step ahead towards entrepreneurship at the age of 30, Sudesh started his company specialized in internal cleaning services in December 1997 before registering the holding concern under the name of Kalis Investment eleven years ago. Remaining focused to build a successful business empire in Mauritius, the endless thirst to be independent and the desire to share the harvest among those less fortunate has kept Sudesh succeeding year after year.

Sudesh engages in an exclusive interaction with the team of CEO Insights.

How does your vast experience help you to frame business operations for Kalis Investment? What different roles have you been undertaking at Kalis Investment?
Leadership is all about creating a team that instills passion within you to go the extra mile. This is my personal opinion and this is what has worked the most at Kalis Investment. Consisting of an array of people in different positions starting from an operative to the managing director, my team drives me to achieve and define a road map for my organization based on a set of values that we have defined as trust, respect, proactivity, humility, and responsibility.

I have been sufficiently clear in ensuring that we make no compromise on being sustainable on whatever we do. Employing
mobility in terms of employment status and geographical operations, Agility in performance, we do take a calculated risk to finally remain technologically driven. Besides the traditional roles, managing the stake holders remains a major challenge in my role as the CEO of the group.

Although we are a labour intensive organisation, the digitalization of our processes is a priority to stay sustainable and competitive in the long run

Throw some light on your flagship offering? How are you adapting new tools/ technologies to revolutionize your services to be at par with current industry standards?
Starting our journey as a small cleaning company, we grew organically over the years after envisaging possibilities of expansion into facilities management, and a separate department was created to provide minor upgrading works plumbing, electrical services, and air conditioning. The subsequent growth in facilities management encouraged us to embark on the construction of the building itself since we were already involved in providing building services. We thereafter acquired a paint company and also specialized in providing construction materials. To offer a full range of services, we acquired a waste management company that has not only become our flagship but is presently positioned among the leaders of the local market. The industry we are presently operating in does not make room for much automation but the system in place to manage data and information is an issue that has to be looked into with the seriousness it deserves.

What are the opportunities that you fore see in the market? What are some of the innovations and upgradation currently happening in the company?
The possibilities of growth in the building industry are wide. However, we need to be very careful about the inflationary pressures that keep bringing a considerable increase in the cost of materials. The limited size of the local market makes it extremely difficult to grow and we have been working on possi bilities to extend our services in other geographical regions. Implementing digitization as a part of our processes and activities, we have brought about a revolution in terms of better time management, security and safety, added efficiency and effectiveness parameters, and global reach. Apart from having a
regular check on compliance issues, a well structured internal auditing system makes our operations effective and aligned with statutory as well as professional obligations.

What will be your advice for other international leaders who aspire to shift their area of operation to Mauritius?
Mauritius remains a highly attractive place for international players and the scope is wide. However, any leader would tell you that optimum return remains an important consideration in the choice of their investment destination but it is not the only one. Mauritius, however offers, in addition, a stability climate that has become a rare commodity in the region. We also provide a series of benefits through the local economic development board and the country stands at a prominent position in the world ranking for ease of doing business. My only piece of advice would be not only to invest and work but also to enjoy one of the finest beaches in the world and feel the magic of tasting the Mauritian hospitality the country is endlessly famous for.

Tell us about the future roadmap of your company.
The pandemic has impacted severely on the growth rate. However, ensuring a sustain able revenue stream to keep our operations running with minimal impact on our cash flow has been an achievement in itself. We have fortunately been able to gradually secure our client base and continue to work on improving further on this front. We remain focused on our dream to become a multinational in the next decade with a sharp regional strategy because of establishing a marked presence in the African continent and Tanzania.

Sudesh Rughoobur, CEO, Kalis Investment
Coming from a modest family, Sudesh started his professional career as a teacher and subsequently joined a private firm as HR officer. After starting a small cleaning company with less than 10 employees in 1997, he has managed to grow it into a group of companies employing 1300 employees directly and several hundred indirectly at present. Also serving as a member of Parliament of Mauritius, Sudesh was entrusted with responsibilities to be a member of the public accounts committee between January 2015 until September 2019.

Hobbies: Reading, Politics and Bollywood movies
Favorite Cuisine: Vegetarian without any specific preferred dish.
Favourite Book: Winning by Jack Welch
Favourite Travel Destination: Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

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