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SRL Diagnostics: A Point-of-Care App for Comprehensive Medical Diagnostics & Testing

SRL Diagnostics: A Point-of-Care App for Comprehensive Medical Diagnostics & Testing

Vikram Alluwalia,Director - Marketing

Vikram Alluwalia

Director - Marketing

Over the years, treating chronic conditions deriving from lifestyle disorders is becoming more complex, incurring more out of the pocket expenditure, and leaving a little hope to lead a quality life. This chains-on to lifting the awareness for preventive healthcare with routine health checks, which can significantly limit the risk of complications from life-threatening health conditions. Often times, individuals in their schedule-tight lives consciously ignore the need to keep their health check reports updated. Fuelled by multiple factors like fear of long wait times, constant nudges of not getting the results on-time, or spending hours in finding a comprehensive facility, a majority of the population preferred to maintain a safe distance from diagnostic laboratories. Well, health technologies like SRL Diagnostics Mobile App are trying their own means to keep the healthcare seekers connected with its care community for medical diagnostics, enabling an easier way to keep track of their healthcare needs.

SRL’s easy to use platform can bail an ailing person from tedious waits at the centre, as it has options for at-home sample collection to get the tests done. All one needs is a one-time registration to login and visit a preferred center out of the ready list of SRL centers for booking for a test, and within the suggested TAT, reports can be downloaded directly from the application. Today, mobile apps are a popular and very convenient choice among the people, and they hold a very promising future ahead.

As a matter of fact, SRL Diagnostics has appointed Vikram Ahluwalia as Managing Director, to take the charge in pushing the brand to achieve greater heights. Vikram brings with him over two decades of marketing experience in CPG & healthcare sectors, and been helping many disruptive innovations to gain ground in the ever-competitive market. CEO Insights had the rare opportunity of interviewing Vikram and gaining valuable insights about SRL Diagnostics and the way he is driving success for the brand. The following are the snippets.

Kindly acquaint us with the major highlights on SRL Diagnostics, and how you laminate an exciting milieu inside the organisation to run the business seamlessly.
SRL Diagnostics Mobile App comes with some key features like ‘Booking a Test’, which could be for self and others. With a single login, one can manage almost everything on one platform. Benefits are endless, such
as early access to reports on the app without having to download the reports, or wait for the physical reports; availability to choose from over 2,500+ tests based on location, lifestyle habits and disorders; options to choose between sample collections from home or a lab visit as per preference at the nearest location. Moreover, users can also view trend-lines, which adeptly compare the recent test results with the previous ones to keep track of improvement or downgrade of the conditions. Those looking for offers at each booking are welcome to our Club SRL, where we never fail to update on the Reward Programs that we introduce time-to-time.

The SRL Mobile App has been through a very successful journey so far. The App has seen a 51 percent growth in its year-on-year revenue. In comparison to the year 2018, there is a whopping 153 percent increase in the number of downloads, and number of active users has also grown exponentially over the last year. However, the challenges still exist in convincing the end users that the application now has become more user-friendly and less complicated, while still giving an uncompromised flow of insights, just like before.

Advancing with a visionary goal to provide high quality, accurate tests at affordable prices to the masses, we are known for high ethical standards and are synonymous with trust

What are the key differentiating factors about SRL Diagnostics that keep it a step ahead of the other mobile app developers in the healthcare services sector?
The SRL Mobile App is not an aggregator, but provides end-to-end diagnostic services, which comes with a series of unique features. Our USP that sets us apart from others in the business include multiple features and array of options to customize the test opted for. Furthermore, all the tests are done at our centers; so it is not only convenient, but also accurate and trustworthy.

SRL is the largest diagnostics company in India, having an impressive reach, providing superior quality diagnostic services to its customers, through a very efficient network of labs and collection points. The app seamlessly integrates all collection centers, as well as Labs into one module. Advancing with a visionary goal to provide high quality, accurate tests at affordable prices to the masses, we are known for high ethical standards and are synonymous with trust.

SRL Diagnostics has a Hub & Spoke model to go to market in the top 600 cities across India. As of Apr’20, SRL Diagnostics has four Reference labs in four metro cities, 416 Network laboratories, with 44 labs
accredited with NABL and CAP, apart from 20 Radiology and Wellness centers. These help SRL Diagnostics touch more than 8300 customer touch points across the country, which includes doctors’ clinics, hospital partnerships, patient service centers, collection centers and others. SRL also has four Centers of Excellence in Molecular Pathology, Immunology/HLA, Histopathology and Haematology.

Kindly walk us through the process by which you ensure a seamless user-experience with the Mobile app.
SRL Diagnostics App has been built using React Native platform, hence can be installed in any platform. UI/UX of the app is designed to give users a flawless experience, and adhering to data privacy guidelines, we are using dynamic token-based API system to keep the patient data secure. The app has aligned all payment options from Credit/Debit/Net Banking and others to Cash on Test or Payment at the Center options for ultimate consumer convenience.

Throw some light on the innovations & upgradation that awaits your service pipeline.
We are very soon going to integrate the latest AI chatbot in our app to handle the general queries, and also improvising our search tools to further narrow down the content, which is more specific to the users. Apart from this, we are planning on enabling wellness (Radiology) services on mobile app, entailing direct touch-points with patients, healthcare practitioner support, and everything for more integrated healthcare schemes.

Our future roadmap includes emergency responses, improving customer-centricity by collecting their quick feedbacks, quick assistance from a virtual doctor in case of emergencies automation, daily useful tips, and different programs (fitness exercises, calorie counting, diet control), which basically will help in improving the lifestyle of the users.

Vikram Ahluwalia, Director – Marketing (SRL Limited)
Vikram is a marketing leader and strategist with 20+ years of international experience in sales & marketing. Prior to SRL, he was heading Consumer Healthcare Marketing at Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries, wherein he was responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies, defining positioning, communication, building brand vision and architecture, integrated marketing communication strategy and new product launches. Prior to Sun Pharmaceuticals, Vikram has also worked in various sales, marketing, and innovation roles with Diageo Inc., GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, Canada, Procter & Gamble Inc., North America and Dabur India”.

Headquarters: Guurgram
Offerings: Comprehensive diagnostics services – at-home/walk-in sample collection, test booking, hassle free sample collection, report delivery and more.

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