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Monster India: Search, Scroll, Swipe - Job Applied

Monster India: Search, Scroll, Swipe - Job Applied

Anshuman Mishra,Chief Product Officer - APAC & Middle East

Anshuman Mishra

Chief Product Officer - APAC & Middle East

The smartphone has revolutionized the way we communicate, learn, shop, pay bills, and make banking transactions. It has permeated into every aspect of our lives right from the way we order food, groceries, or a cab for that matter.

The list doesn’t end there. Besides a host of other things, the smartphone has also changed the way we look for work. Today, you can search and apply to thousands of jobs without stepping out of the comforts of your home. And all this is possible because of mobile apps.

Monster Job Search & Career Opportunities App is a dedicated job search app by Monster, a global player in the online job search space dedicated to bringing humanity and opportunity to the job market to enhance lives, businesses, and communities around the world.

The Monster Job Search & Career Opportunities App is one of the best job search apps and the only one that lets a user apply for jobs in different geographies. The app was voted as the ‘Product of the Year - 2016’ under the ‘Mobile App Job’ category in a survey of over 18,000 people by Nielsen.

Once a user signs up and completes the profile, the app uses artificial intelligence and data analytics to recommend the best suitable jobs. A user can search and apply to jobs across nine different countries with just a simple swipe using the Monster Job Search App.

CEO Insights caught up with Anshuman Mishra (CPO – Monster APAC & Middle East), to understand more about the Monster Job Search App, its various features, and the future road map.

Tell us more about the Monster Job Search App.
We at Monster strongly believe in empowering job seekers and
recruiters with the tools and products that make job search and hiring process fast, easy, and comfortable for them. The app empowers job seekers with a strong job search platform, helps them identify the latest and best job opportunities, and enables them to apply to jobs on the go without any delay. This helps recruiters in getting applies to their job postings and they can find the best talent they need fast to close the open positions.

The app empowers job seekers with a strong job search platform; helps them to identify the latest and best job openings and apply to jobs on the go without any delay

Ours is among a few job search apps that let job seekers to search and apply to jobs in nine countries. A job seeker can simply import a profile from one country along with required customizations and he/she is set to search and apply to job in India, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Tell us about the facilities that can be availed from the Monster Mobile App.
The Monster Job Search App offers simple, intuitive & fast job search with options to search by location, title, experience, keyword, industry, and skills. It also provides options to refine the jobs by freshness, salary & company type. The user gets the job recommendations and notifications basis their profile. Users can also apply to the jobs directly from the dashboard just by swiping the job card. The application is built with a focus on the convenience of its usage, which means the sole aim of developing Monster Job Search App is to simplify the process of connecting job seekers with the right jobs.

Where is Monster placed in the current job search industry of the APAC region?
Monster is one of the leading brands in the digital recruitment space with terrific assets and has had a meaningful impact on the professional lives of millions in the region. Monster’s APAC & Middle East business has seen its seeker
base grow to over 65 million registered users. The growth is the result of a strong customer focus & product innovation on the backdrop of fast digitizing countries with over 850 million internet users across the region.

What is your take to ensure the security of your clients’ data?
Since the Monster Job Search App caters to users across multiple countries, we ensure to follow the regulatory guidelines of each country to prevent the misuse of the user’s private information and data. For instance, we take a user’s express consent to send them email communication. Moreover, we empower users to subscribe and unsubscribe to any kind of communication at any time with just one click.

What is your future roadmap?
We at Monster India strongly believe that recruitment is about fulfilling the needs of both a candidate and recruiter. To facilitate the same, we are building on some exciting features to enable recruiters find the right candidates as easily as possible. At the same time, it has been our constant endeavor to increase the richness of candidate information and creating a seamless flow of information between candidates and recruiters.

Keeping up with the market trends, we are also strengthening the implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the system to be able to serve both recruiters and candidates with better options, and aid them in decision making.

Another area of prime focus is enabling the candidates with a better view of the job market by providing them assistance in upgrading their skills as per the market requirement and help them be prepared for future career prospects.

Anshuman Mishra, CPO – APAC & Middle East
An entrepreneurial product leader, Anshuman is a professional with an experience of over 14 years in the industry, managing teams across India, the US and Europe. He has built enterprise-level B2C and B2B/SaaS products across multiple domains.

Quick Facts:
Office: Hyderabad
Offerings: Various Job search features for candidates and hiring solutions for recruiters

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