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Tasneem Salma Islam: Empowering Businesses Through Data Science & Innovation

Tasneem Salma Islam: Empowering Businesses Through Data Science & Innovation

 Tasneem Salma Islam,     Founder

Tasneem Salma Islam


Data Science plays a pivotal role in empowering and enhancing modern business strategies. By harnessing the vast potential of data, it enables organizations to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and gain invaluable insights into customer behavior and market trends. One visionary industry leader who has been at the forefront of leveraging Data Science to empower businesses is Tasneem Salma Islam, the Founder of Aurora Consulting. With a background in data science, economics, and finance, Tasneem Salma is a seasoned Data Scientist with a unique blend of analytical prowess and business acumen. Through Aurora Consulting, she provides a wide range of services that have been instrumental in helping businesses harness the power of data to drive growth, efficiency, and innovation. Let’s get to know more from her in the below interview snippets.

could you briefly recount your professional journey and what motivated you to establish Aurora Consulting?
My career journey commenced as a management trainee at Rancon Motors in the automotive sector, where I gained valuable insights into export, import, lending, credit, and the critical aspects of the supply chain. Following the completion of my MBA, I joined Oscar Hotels in Australia, where I deepened my understanding of accounts, vendor management, and the significance of cash flow. At Healius, a prominent health company, I was responsible for managing finances for over 70 dental and 30 medical clinics, further honing my financial data skills. A brief stint at Oscar Wylee underscored the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

My career then took a turn towards Data Science, where I reskilled myself to be a Data scientist and started working as a Data Analyst in one of the reputed healthcare Startups, Praava in Bangladesh. After a brief career hiatus, I founded Aurora Consulting, driven by my passion for solving problems and creating positive economic impacts
through innovative data solutions. My motivation for remote work was inspired by the birth of my child. My most recent venture, Intellect HR, is centered on personal and professional growth, drawing inspiration from my mother's HR career and my experiences in my past jobs.

My approach to leadership centers on progressing with a clear purpose to effect positive change, regardless of its scale, with an understanding that such actions can create a ripple effect

As the Founder, what factors influence your effective corporate growth strategies?
The foundation of our effective corporate growth strategies revolves around continuous learning, collaboration, and execution, all of which prioritize our organization's most valuable asset: our people. We leverage technology, particularly AI and innovative tools, to enhance both the quality and efficiency of our operations. While economic factors may sometimes pose constraints on revenue and market share growth, we remain committed to internal growth, which can propel the organization forward during favorable conditions.

Simultaneously, investments in research and development and infrastructure fortify our resilience, enabling us to withstand economic downturns and outperform our competitors. This approach presents a promising opportunity for growth and advancement. So, in essence, these are the elements that shape our approach to corporate growth.

How do you foster a culture of continuous learning to gain insights into customer requirements and harness advanced technologies for business prosperity?
I advocate for experiential learning and handson methods to nurture a culture of continuous improvement. To gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, I actively share insights spanning psychology, marketing, sales, technology, and economics. During the initial stages of our journey, I emphasized the importance of striking a balance between technical learning and knowledge acquisition, employing AI tools and automation to aid in this process. I enjoy challenging my team, motivating them to reach their objectives swiftly, and readily embracing and implementing their
strategies when they align with our organizational goals. Furthermore, I promote efficiency in our work while also recognizing the significance of allocating time for personal growth and development.

Tell us about your leadership style and fundamental principles.
My approach to leadership centers on progressing with a clear purpose to effect positive change, regardless of its scale, with an understanding that such actions can create a ripple effect. I mentioned the concept of the ripple effect because, just as a team manager can lead and bring about positive transformations within their team, it forms part of a broader cycle or system. When one person takes responsibility and enhances various aspects, the effects extend beyond that individual. This principle applies not only to my team but also to the companies I collaborate with. Additionally, effective leadership necessitates a profoundly positive and optimistic mindset. Perfection maybe unattainable, even for us as humans, but we can always enhance our strengths.

What is your ultimate future goal?
My ultimate aspiration is to occupy a position that amalgamates innovation, advisory expertise, creativity, and the ability to solve critical problems. While my immediate focus for the next 5-10 years will be primarily centered around business, financial, and economic growth, I intend to transition towards a more philanthropic approach to problem-solving as I accumulate greater experience and knowledge. Achieving this vision is still a dream for me, and to turn it into reality, I realize the need to acquire extensive knowledge and experience.

What advice would you offer to up-and coming industry leaders?
I would advise emerging leaders to maintain their motivation, exhibit courage, demonstrate perseverance, and regularly reflect on their accomplishments, both in their personal and professional lives. Having a competitive drive is natural, but it's essential to remember that each person's journey is unique, and continuous improvement is key to achieving one's goals. I also encourage fellow industry leaders to generously share their knowledge, observations, and insights to assist those who will follow in their footsteps.

Tasneem Salma Islam, Founder, Aurora Consulting
Tasneem Salma Islam is a Data Scientist and Founder of Aurora Consulting. With a background in economics and finance, she's known for pioneering data-driven solutions to empower businesses.

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