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Mizanur Rahman: Championing Cybersecurity Education With Futuristic Vision

Mizanur Rahman: Championing Cybersecurity Education With Futuristic Vision

 Mizanur Rahman,  CEO

Mizanur Rahman


A prominent entity in Bangladesh's Learning and Development sector, Mizanur Rahman is renowned as the CEO of Cyberfox Train. Over a decade, he has significantly contributed to the IT & ITES industries in Bangladesh, serving ten years before transitioning to Chief Operating Officer (COO) roles for over five years across various companies. Mizanur’s extensive experience spans Learning and Development, Business Development, Training Management, Training Center Operation, Training Center Management, Channel Sales, Marketing, and Consulting Management within the competitive IT & ITES industry. Driven by a profound passion for cybersecurity education, his dedication revolves around empowering individuals and organizations to safeguard digital landscapes. Fuelled by futuristic vision, Mizanur aspires to establish an online learning platform, providing accessible and affordable cybersecurity-related courses for a diverse audience.
Let’s hear more from him.

Could you share a brief overview of your professional journey and experiences? What drives your daily routines?
My career has revolved around Learning and Development (L&D), particularly in the realm of cybersecurity. Beginning with a fervent interest in cybersecurity L&D, I've dedicated years to refining my skills through experiences, certifications, and ongoing education. Currently serving as the Co-Founder & CEO of Cyberfox Train and Nexoya Technologies, I bring over a decade of experience in IT & ITES industries in Bangladesh, with more than five years as a COO in various companies.

My daily motivation stems from witnessing individuals and organizations undergo transformative growth through learning. The dynamic nature of the cybersecurity field, with its constant evolution and emerging threats, fuels my commitment to continuous learning. Guiding cybersecurity professionals to excel in this ever-changing landscape is where my passion lies. My tireless efforts focus on building a skilled workforce adept at countering cyber threats, providing real world impact in the cybersecurity learning and development sector. The fulfillment comes from imparting valuable advice and delivering up-to-date training, contributing to the development of proficient cybersecurity experts.

How would you define Cyberfox Train as an organization and its current position in the market?
Cyberfox Train is a prominent organization specializing in Learning and Development (L&D) within the cybersecurity domain, recognized as a leading player in the Bangladesh market. The organization's robust position is characterized by its extensive reach, having trained and certified numerous cybersecurity
professionals in the country.

Offering customized learning paths tailored to individual career goals, Cyberfox Train prioritizes personalized training programs over one-size-fits-all approaches. In its current market standing, Cyberfox Train has established itself as a trusted entity in Bangladesh's L&D sector, recognized for its personalized training approach and ability to equip learners with practical skills and certifications essential for success in cybersecurity.

The envisioned future for Cyberfox Train transcends education barriers, empowering individuals globally to safeguard digital landscapes & actively contribute to securing the digital realm

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?
My leadership approach revolves around fundamental principles and methodologies crucial for guiding an organization to success. I prioritize continuous learning and skill development in both the cyber security field and leadership, inspiring my team to do the same. Fostering a culture of learning is foundational at Cyberfox Train, encouraging a lifelong journey of continuous learning.

Open and effective communication is a corner stone, ensuring clarity in articulating ideas, active listening, and fostering two way communication. Adapt ability is emphasized in response to the ever-evolving cyber security landscape and changing learner needs. Empathy and emotional intelligence play a vital role in creating a supportive work environment by understanding team members' emotions and motivations.

Data-driven decision-making and performance metrics are prioritized to continuously enhance our Learning and Development (L&D) programs. Continuous support and resources are provided to both learners and the team, ensuring access to training, development opportunities and a conducive work environment. This holistic leadership approach empowers the team at Cyberfox Train to deliver exceptional cybersecurity education and training, making a positive impact in the industry and assisting individuals and organizations in safe guarding their digital landscapes.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
My strategic vision for Cyberfox Train revolves around the goal of democratizing high-quality cybersecurity education, making it accessible globally. My envisioned future involves the development of a comprehensive online learning platform, designed to be user-friendly and inclusive. This platform will break geographical and financial barriers, offering diverse individuals affordable access to a broad spectrum of top-tier cybersecurity courses.

The plan includes expanding our reach beyond Bangladesh to cater
to the global demand for cybersecurity expertise. We aim to contribute to the global cybersecurity landscape by equipping professionals worldwide with the requisite knowledge and skills.

Advocating for affordable education, especially in cybersecurity, is our core mission. Collaboration with educational institutions, industry associations, and technology companies will be pursued to align with initiatives promoting accessible, high-quality education.

While pursuing expansion and innovation, the unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality education and training remains paramount. This includes a focus on tailored learning paths, practical experiences, and globally recognized certifications, ensuring clients receive unparalleled cybersecurity education.

The envisioned future for Cyberfox Train transcends education barriers, empowering individuals globally to safeguard digital landscapes and actively contribute to securing the digital realm. Through these strategic objectives, we aim to establish a lasting impact in the cybersecurity education domain.

In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?
Drawing from my extensive experience in Learning and Development (L&D) and cyber security, I would say cultivate a genuine passion for the field, as authentic enthusiasm fuels continuous improvement and innovation. In rapidly evolving industries like cybersecurity, staying current with trends and technologies is crucial, making continuous learning a cornerstone of your professional journey.

Prioritize personalized learning approaches, recognizing the limitations of one-size-fits-all methods. Foster a culture of learning within your organization, encourage lifelong journeys of growth for your team. Building strong relationships through collaboration with colleagues, peers, and experts is invaluable, providing insights and support.

Lead by example, actively engaging in continuous learning and self-improvement to inspire your team. As an industry leader, your role extends beyond imparting knowledge to facilitating growth and transformation. Dedication to your mission and continuous enhancement of the learning and development experience will leave a profound impact on individuals, organizations, and the industry as a whole.

Mizanur Rahman, CEO, Cyberfox Train
Mizanur Rahman is a dedicated and results driven leader. he has served for 10 years in the IT & ITES industries in Bangladesh. Prior to that time, He served for more than 5 years as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in several companies. He has extensive experience in leadership, business development, learning, and development, training management, training center operation, training center management, channel sales, marketing, and consulting management in highly competitive segments of the IT & ITES industry.

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