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Jahangir Alam Sharker: Driving Leadership Excellence Through Positive Attitude

Jahangir Alam Sharker: Driving Leadership Excellence Through Positive Attitude

 Jahangir Alam Sharker,   CEO & MD

Jahangir Alam Sharker


Located in the heart of South Asia, Bangladesh is a land of vibrant culture, modern entrepreneurship, and a creative spirit. With a rich history and a promising future, it stands as a testament to the power of determination and progress. Bangladesh has seen the rise of several remarkable entrepreneurs who have made significant contributions to various sectors both nationally and internationally. Jahangir Alam Sharker, CEO and MD of 3I Logistics, is one of the dynamic entrepreneurs shaping the future of Bangladesh.

Having devoted over 22 years to a diverse array of managerial roles across global and multinational corporations, Jahangir Alam recently embarked on a new journey by joining 3I Logistics. Throughout his prior engagements, Jahangir Alam played a pivotal role in orchestrating expansion and operational strategies on both national and international fronts, diligently upholding commitments to stakeholders. Notably, his experience revolves around prominent global companies: DHL, ABX LOGISTICS, DSV Air & Sea, DACHSER SE and Agility Global Integrated Logistics .

Jahangir Alam’s journey has exposed him to multifaceted organizational tiers, presenting a plethora of opportunities with a focus on operations, sales, marketing and financial management.

In this interview with CEO Insights, Jahangir Alam Sharker shares insight into his professional journey.

How would you define 3I Logistics as an organization and its current position in its market?
Established by two siblings in 1972, shortly after Bangladesh's liberation from Pakistan, the company originated as a small family enterprise. Over time, they diligently expanded their presence within the local market. By the early 2010s, they ventured into International Integrated Logistics, known as Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Solutions. Presently, the company stands as a leading logistics provider in Bangladesh, boasting a workforce of over 300 individuals across 10 work stations.
Their fleet comprises 500 vehicles, and they possess a network of 1 mio square feet warehouses scattered across various locations.

3I Logistics has a specialty in global forwarding and logistics services with an established international networks and strong experience in design and delivery of logistics and transport solutions to across the globe. We optimize value chain, reliability, security and transparency are the cornerstones of our services. We bring efficiency to supply chains in most challenging environments country like Bangladesh, offering tailor-made logistics service.

3I Logistics has been amongst top the 5 leading logistics and supply chain service providers in Bangladesh offering tailor-made solutions to our valued clients with our core competencies in the area of Third-Party Logistics (3PL), Project Logistics and Freight Forwarding

Embrace risks, combine hard work with patience, demonstrate humility & confidence, & never forget to appreciate & acknowledge the efforts of others

Kindly share details about your primary offerings, as well as the additional value that customers can anticipate from engaging with your services.
As a leading blue-chip logistics provider, 3I Logistics legacy is steeped in pride and enriched by a history woven with excellence in logistics provision. It stands as a premier 'One-Stop-Shop' logistics service provider in Bangladesh, renowned for its top-tier status. Our offerings encompass comprehensive and competitive logistics and supply chain solutions, all aimed at maximizing safety, value enhancement, operational efficiency, and timely service delivery.

3I Logistics has become a strong partner for long lasting and fruitful collaborations with international relations. A flexible response to change and the innovative mind that exists in the DNA of the team helps it become the trusted market leader in Logistics Industry. All it designed with the concept in mind 'survival for the fittest & innovation is must’. To win the future we are building our present. 3I Logistics recognize all its stakeholders as the working partners the goal is to uphold the values of the organization to build a better Bangladesh.

Please shed light on your leadership approach.
I firmly believe that a combination of hard work,honesty, customer understanding, and unwavering commitment to both the organization and society is irreplaceable. It's essential to align our actions with our business ethos. I consistently emphasize to my team that our contributions must be impactful and instrumental in the organization's growth and development. I'm a leader who's always looking in the rearview mirror, but I'm not driving backwards. I'm using my past to inform my present and my future.

My mission is to convey this perspective to my leadership team and colleagues, high lighting that adhering to these principles is vital for achieving our goals. The mission is to transform individual from being ordinary to extraordinary. I don't perceive individuals solely as employees; I see them as human assets with the potential to achieve remarkable feats. I usually tell people that encountering challenges is universal, but our resilience in overcoming them defines us. This philosophy shapes my leadership style, guiding us toward a shared vision of success.

What future goals and aspirations do you have for your company?
In life and business alike, the journey itself becomes the essence, as there isn't a final destination. It's about continuous learning, growth, and navigating various elements essential for success. Looking ahead, my aspiration for 3I Logistics is clear: within the next five years, I envision it emerging as a new logistics leader in this region, act as an Asian Tiger in our industry. Simultaneously, I strive for our global recognition, aiming for a leadership position in the area of logistics and supply chain sector on a global scale.

What would be your piece of advice for your budding entrepreneurs?
My advice for those embarking on their leadership journey: embrace risks, combine hard work with patience, demonstrate humility and confidence, and never forget to appreciate and acknowledge the efforts of others. These insights encapsulate my guidance for emerging leaders in the industry moving forward.

Jahangir Alam Sharker, CEO & MD, 3I Logistics Group
Jahangir achieved an MBA degree specializing in International Marketing and Operations Management from North South University (NSU), along with a Masters of Professional Accounting (MPA) from the University of Dhaka. Additionally, he pursued an EMBA in Supply Chain Management from the ISCM and he is also a Certified Public Accountant (AUS).

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