To Make Mirrorwhite The Ultimate Source For Personalized Silver Jewellery, Jewellery That Has A Voice And Speaks To You.

To Make Mirrorwhite The Ultimate Source For Personalized Silver Jewellery, Jewellery That Has A Voice And Speaks To You.

Roshni Chetan,FounderFor each campaign committed to putting women on par with men, empowerment has been used as a catchphrase. Towards this impact, India now has a massive increase in women entrepreneurs over the past couple of years. Women entrepreneurs are having significantly successful careers and by leading large businesses, they are shattering certain norms and are becoming torchbearers of the society, affecting many aspirants who consider their aspirations held back either by society's oppression or by their inhibitions.

CEO Insights interviewed Roshni Chetan Hinduja (Founder), to learn in detail about her personal and professional expedition and the challenges faced as a woman entrepreneur so far.

Kindly enumerate the major points/factors about your entrepreneurial journey.
The main factor for me to pursue the entrepreneurial path is because I have been exposed to this way of living from a very young age. Both my parents have just done that. They eat, breathe and sleep business. Even today, at age 60, both of them are still driven by their ambition.

I have grown up with my mother traveling for work during my exams and most conversations on the dining table were about business. My father was a first-generation entrepreneur and my mother accompanied him in building a business from scratch. This gave me the confidence to venture out on my own and see something from its inception. My parents support has played a major role in my entrepreneurial journey.

They were always there to guide me from the very beginning up until today. Secondly, I wanted to have a career in which I had that sense of satisfaction and happiness at the end of the day. Every small step counts in a new business. It’s
challenging yet gives you a sense of completeness. And it’s so much easier when the only person you’re answerable to is yourself. Many more other factors like my life experiences, my over-achieving nature, my need to feel like I am making a significant difference made me choose this path.

Society today is witnessing the evolution of women entrepreneurship. What is your perspective towards it? Share your experience of being a women business person.
During the establishment of Mirror White in 2014, there were not so many women entrepreneurs in the retail fashion industry. In recent years you see a surge in female business owners. It’s amazing to see the kind of creativity that exists in our country today. Our country is experiencing one of the best phases for entrepreneurs and designers. And I truly believe our time has come to take our brands global. In the initials days as a woman entrepreneur I faced a challenge because I was new and young, all of 26. People don’t take a woman who is 26 so seriously. I had to make my mark wherever I went and in the initial days you’re learning a lot. My father was my greatest support in this male dominated jewelery industry.

I would say do what you love and you will be noticed. When you put your heart and soul into a project or business, it shows and that will set you apart from the rest

The guidance I received from my father helped me in analyzing the market, and take the right decisions at every step. My father always taught me to take risks but not at the cost of your entire earning. Every risk was calculated and this helped me sail through the last seven years.

I feel as a woman, we are expected to play these multiple roles of a wife, daughter, daughter in law, mother, and also be good at business and not falter. It’s not always been easy playing these myriad roles but the key is in balancing all your roles and accepting the fact that some days you will do one well and one you won’t be able to. In these situations, your husband and your immediate families support is crucial because this might make you or break you.
What opportunities do you foresee in the current fashion industry of India for your company, and how are you leveraging the best of them?
The fashion and the jewelry industry has seen a major hit and shift after the Covid-19 pandemic. People are working from home so they do not feel the need to buy new clothes or jewelry, I have reduced shopping for clothes and shoes myself. Most People who are working from home are managing with what they have. They don’t see a need in overspending on jewellery and clothes for the time being. We at MirrorWhite are looking at developing a line of more wearable jewellery. Jewellery that defines you as a person, which can be worn on a regular basis. Jewellery that speaks to your personality and gives you the confidence to carry out your different roles with ease.

Do you have any advice or suggestion on your mind for budding entrepreneurs in the world of fashion?
There is not one particular formula or rulebook to follow while setting up an enterprise or to become a successful entrepreneur. If you have a vision, or you’re a designer nothing stops you from showcasing your work. The world is your platform thanks to social media and it’s reach.

In the last six months I have learned to balance out my personal and professional life. It’s not been easy for us women. Many women gave up their careers because it was taking a toll on their mental and physical health. I would say do what you love and you will be noticed. In the process, don’t forget to take care of yourself, by which I mean your physical and mental well being. Once you have all this in place, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Roshni Chetan Hinduja, Founder, MirrorWhite
An alumni of Shri Ram College of Commerxe, New Delhi, Gemological Institute of America and Southern Methodist University – Cox School of Business where she completed her MBA in Marketing, Strategy & Entrepreneurship. Roshni has an experience of 15 years in the Jewelry Industry and before establishing Mirror White she has worked with companies like Corporate Executice Board, Zaveri Bros Diamonds and Gold, and Agrium Advanced Technologies.

Location: Bangalore

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