Uday Bhaskarwar: Guiding IT Organizations Through Headwinds With Thought Leadership, Resilience & Precision | CEOInsights Vendor
Uday Bhaskarwar: Guiding IT Organizations Through Headwinds With Thought Leadership, Resilience & Precision

Uday Bhaskarwar: Guiding IT Organizations Through Headwinds With Thought Leadership, Resilience & Precision

Uday Bhaskarwar,  Founder & CEO

Uday Bhaskarwar

Founder & CEO

In the realm of IT transformation and business evolution, leaders who possess a distinct blend of visionary insight, operational finesse, and an unwavering commitment to ethical conduct are the vanguards of innovation and growth. Uday Bhaskarwar, Founder & CEO of Aikya Technologies, embodies the essence of such exceptional leadership.

Uday Bhaskarwar is a transformative leader with a remarkable history of achieving rapid growth, operational excellence, and the construction of top-tier teams. Armed with an Electronics & Telecommunications engineering degree from IIT-Varanasi (BHU), he boasts over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. Uday's unique strength lies in his ability to craft strategies for the 'present of the future' and execute them rigorously.

Furthermore, Uday Bhaskarwar has an impressive track record of leading organizations through rapid scaling, exemplified by remarkable achievements such as propelling businesses from $1 million to approximately $90 million in just five years as a Business Head. As a COO, he orchestrated a 4X growth in four years and helped successfully execute six to seven acquisitions along with their post-acquisition integrations. His leadership is characterized by a relentless focus on innovation, ensuring that it remains central to the growth story.

Below is an excerpt of Uday Bhaskarwar's exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How has your professional journey been so far? Also, what is the inspiration behind the establishment of Aikya Technologies?
My entrepreneurial journey began after graduating from IIT BHU in 1992. I joined Infosys, where I spent 17 years climbing the corporate ladder. I was associated with one of the largest accounts of the company for over 10 years, spearheading it for over 7 years, gaining global exposure across Asia, Europe, the UK, and North America. In 2006, I became one of
Infosys' youngest Vice Presidents at just 35 years of age. After the global stint and several CEO’s Excellence Awards, I picked up the challenge of being Head of Sales of the freshly minted India Unit for 2 years.

In 2009, the itch for entrepreneurship led me to leave Infosys and start my own ventures. One of my startups, Thinking Hut, eventually transitioned into an IoT organization and was acquired by ILINK. During my tenure with ILINK as COO/CPO, I focused on operational excellence through people, processes, technology and innovation. I also played a pivotal role in several mergers and acquisitions, driving significant growth.

Innovation is deeply ingrained in our daily operations & services, driving us to maintain technological leadership

Later in 2023, I founded Aikya, a platform focused on value creation through consulting services and strategic acquisitions. Our mission is to cater to the mid-segment market, offering tailored solutions to bridge existing service gaps. Drawing from my diverse experiences, I'm committed to driving Aikya's growth and success.

Could you please tell us about your academic journey at IIT Varanasi, and what valuable insights and experiences you gained outside of the classroom?
My time at IIT Varanasi transcended mere academics, and the experiences I gained were invaluable. These four years marked a pivotal phase in my life. Before college, I imbibed values and ethics from my parents, and my subsequent 17-year career at Infosys shaped me professionally. However, my college years are when my personal growth thrived. Interacting with some of the brightest minds from across the country expanded my horizons. The fusion of diverse perspectives and shared experiences proved instrumental in my journey to adulthood. In hindsight, while Infosys honed my professional skills, my college days forged my character, contributing significantly to the person I am today.

How do you nurture an innovation culture, guide teams for customer satisfaction, and stay informed amidst change?
Creating an innovation-centric culture in our organization encom
passes several strategic elements. My approach revolves around team development, across all the functions of organization, including sales, delivery and operations. We employ a dual-calendar system for each department: one for operational KPIs, ensuring efficiency and goal achievement, and another for innovation, which mandates ongoing efforts to refine processes, enhance key metrics, and bolster our brand.

A commitment to continuous learning is fundamental. Our performance management system dedicates 15 percent to learning, incentivizing certifications and dedicated learning hours. This investment sparks innovation, empowering individuals to adopt fresh perspectives.

Remaining at the technology forefront is imperative. We cultivate partnerships with specialized execution partners while cultivating our capabilities in emerging domains such as the modern data stack and conversational AI. Innovation is deeply ingrained in our daily operations and services, driving us to maintain technological leadership.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
Our growth trajectory is meticulously defined, striking a balance between ambition and attainability. We've charted a clear path for the next five years, focusing on three key aspects: positioning, partner ecosystem, and inhouse expertise. While our goals may sound ambitious, we are planning to hyper scale through organic and inorganic growth strategies. A 30 percent year-on-year growth in the IT services sector is a well-established standard. It aligns perfectly with our current size and potential.

Having a defined path allows us to make necessary course corrections and measure our progress against it. Some may argue that no plan is the best plan, but I firmly believe that a well-visualized future is crucial. Without a clear destination, we risk making inadequate investments and decisions. We aim to shape our future intentionally, leaving nothing to chance.

Uday Bhaskarwar, Founder & CEO, Aikya Technologies
Uday Bhaskarwar, Founder & CEO of Aikya Technologies, is a seasoned IT leader with 30+ years of experience. His expertise in rapid scaling, operational excellence, and innovation has shaped Aikya's success. Uday's visionary leadership and dedication to ethical business practices set him apart in the industry.

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