Unisur Lifecare: An ISO & CE Certified Medical Devices Company Focused To Enhance Quality Of Life By

Unisur Lifecare: An ISO & CE Certified Medical Devices Company Focused To Enhance Quality Of Life By "Healing Beyond Comfort"

Pavan Vishwakarma,Managing Director

Pavan Vishwakarma

Managing Director

In the Indian Medical Devices Industry, there are companies ranging from SMEs to Large Enterprises and multinationals being associated in both the ranges. The Indian Medical Devices Market ranks among one of the top 25 across the Globe, grabbing the fourth place in Asia. The current Indian market size of the medical devices industry is around $11 billion and is estimated to reach $50 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 18 percent. With the increasing market demands and potential growth, the country’s medical devices are emerging as one the leading domain.

Unisur Lifecare widely known as Universal Sutures is one of the forefront Medical Devices Manufacturing Company in India, focused on design, development, manufacturing and supply of Surgical Sutures, Polypropylene Mesh and Bonewax across the globe. CEO Insights Interviews Mr. PavanVishwakarma (Managing Director), the protagonist behind Unisur’s success.

Kindly tell us about the key points of Unisur Lifecare.
Unisur Lifecare is the fastest-growing manufacturing industry in India, with an annual growth of 47 percent. Our key products are Surgical Sutures, Polypropylene Mesh and Bone Wax. We have a total work force of nearly 200 employees comprising more than 70% women and rest being men. We are focused to continuously develop and bring in innovative products to the industry through a sustained R&D. Few of the recent innovative products are special crimped needles with unmatchable attachment strength in the sutures industry, unique closure cassettes, plug mesh, uhmwpe sutures, barbed sutures, hernia mesh with blue orientation lines and few others. One of our key strength is our global reach to over 50 countries, parallelly having a strong customer connect and products validated in key territories like USA, UK, East Europe with quality certificates (CE, ISO, WHOGMP, FSC etc.).
We have the capacity to manufacture 120,000 dozen of sutures per month. Hernia Mesh is our core strength. We are the exclusive supplier for polypropylene mesh raw material to many Indian and overseas manufacturers. Since we have a strong knowledge on building manufacturing capabilities and capacities, we also support our customer in contract manufacturing and setting up their own manufacturing plant locally.

What is the USP of your products that segregates you from several other competitors in this medical equipment manufacturing domain?
Unisur Lifecare values quality in all aspects of manufacturing. Our advanced and flexible manufacturing techniques delivers high quality product, customizes products to suit OEM/OBL requirements and values appearance and packaging. Specific to mention are our AISI 302 series premium quality needles with specialized crimping for less trauma. Polypropylene mesh we can supply in more than 10 different patterns and designs.

At Unisur Lifecare, we provide supreme quality products for all markets, with the right kind of packaging and at the same time ensuring that we provide at competitive prices resulting in a win-win situation

What are the various medical & surgical products Unisur Lifecare distributes and what are the various other services Unisur Lifecare provide for its clients?
As I mentioned above, we manufacture Surgical Sutures, Polypropylene Mesh and Bone Wax. Surgical sutures itself is a vast portfolio, wherein, at present we are having 14 varieties of suture materials named PGA, PGLA 910, PDS, Poliglecaprone, Fast PGA/PGLA, Silk, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Steel, Barbed, uhmwpe, antibacterial sutures with numerous parameters. We have bonewax & different varieties of polypropylene mesh which can be supplied as per desired cut pieces and rolls. Adding value to our customers is our key motto and therefore we extend our knowledge and support to our customer to set-up sutures manufacturing of international standards.
What kind of market demands do you come across or have observed in the past that have driven Unisur Lifecare’s product portfolio?
Different countries have different market demands. North American countries demand high quality products. Middle east & Asian countries are price sensitive, European countries are brand conscious. At Unisur Lifecare, we provide supreme quality products for all markets, with the right kind of packaging and at the same time ensuring that we provide at competitive prices resulting in a win-win situation.

What is the future roadmap set for Unisur Lifecare? How are you updating yourself with the latest consumer trends in order to make Unisur Lifecare products & services reach its future goals?
In terms of organic growth, we intend to increase our customer connect to more than 100 countries within the next 3 years and obtain registration in countries like Russia, China, Brazil, Tanzania, Egypt. We are also in the process of getting USFDA certificate. As far as inorganic growth is concerned, Unisur will add new products like Staplers, Urology Products, Gelatin sponges etc. related with medical devices.

To cater to the growth, Unisur has acquired a place of 50,000 sqm in Pharmaceutical Specialization Economic Zone, Hassan towards establishing advanced flexible manufacturing enterprise, increasing capacities from 120 thousand dozen to 500 thousand dozen per month.

The current prevailing market situation (Covid-19 pandemic) has thrown us an opportunity to support other medical devices companies, who would like to manufacture in India, especially those who had their manufacturing units in China are now moving out of China and are looking in India for an alternative service/site. This opens our doors to enter the Medical Device Elite Club.

Pavan Vishwakarma, Managing Director
Pavan Vishwakarma is a Mechanical Engineer. He got engineering degree in Siddaganga Institute of Technology in 2006 with an MBA from Christ University. He ventured into business in 2010 by manufacturing Polypropylene Mesh used for Hernia Repair and started supplying to many Indian and overseas companies. From 2013 he started manufacturing all varieties of absorbable and non-absorbable sutures along with Bonewax. He is the Managing Director of Unisur Lifecare Private Limited.

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