Urvi Grovera:  well-versed education leader impacting millions of lives

Urvi Grovera: well-versed education leader impacting millions of lives

Albert Einstein once echoed ‘Only a life lived for others is a life worth while'. The esteemed Director of Vidya Bharati School (VBS)­ Urvi Grover, strongly believes in this saying. Urvi trusts that there is nothing more rewarding than knowing and beholding the impact that you have made on someone's life in fact, multiple lives. With this motto, she has been sailing VBS towards success across uncharted waters. Breathing the ideology `every child is important', she and her team at VBS are seamlessly striving to practice inclusive education so that no child is a left child.

Below are the snippets of an exclusive colloquy between Urvi and CEO Insights, wherein she explains in detail about her professional as well as personal journey.

Give us insights on your educational background.
I pursued B.A.(Honors) in Political Science at Delhi University and did my Bachelor's in Education at Maharshi Dayanand University(MDU). I also take pride in successfully completing
International Business Management course at Cardiff University UK.

Cast some light on your current roles & responsibilities at VBS.
Every day is a new day at VBS! My roles & responsibilities range from managing academic matters to administrative issues as well as curriculum development. On the whole, my biggest responsibility is to impart effective learning to all the students at VBS.

What are the major challenges that you faced so far?
Every child learns in a different way. Accommodating each child's specific needs and modifying the curriculum accordingly is the biggest challenge that I have faced! Simultaneously, adhering to the Government's accredited framework is also extremely challenging.

Tell us about your family's support in your career so far.
My family has been instrumental in helping me accomplish my professional growth. Due to early demise of my parents, my sister Prachi Grover, has always been influential in enhancing my ability to learn and grow.
Do you have any aspirations on mind to upscale VBS?
Absolutely! Our focus at VBS has always been to deliver progressive education which supports child centered learning. In the school, all students and teachers are co-learners who share a mutually respectful relationship with each other. This indeed leads to the creation of an engaging child who can effectively contribute towards the enhancement of the global economy.

Key Management:
Urvi Grover, Director, Vidya Bharati School
At VBS, Urvi standsout as the linchpin behind the creation of engaging and bright minds for the future.

•Hobby:Travelling, a shared passion with her sister. They ensure to take a family holiday together despite their busy schedules.

•Cuisine: Experimenting with different cuisines & local delicacies during travel

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