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V Amrutha: Transforming Healthcare Through Technical Expertise

V Amrutha: Transforming Healthcare Through Technical Expertise

  V Amrutha,    Head of Product

V Amrutha

Head of Product

The technology solution industry plays a pivotal role in shaping the modern landscape by providing innovative solutions to complex challenges faced by businesses across various sectors. It encompasses a wide range of services, from software development and data management to project and product management. In this dynamic environment, leaders like V Amrutha, Head of Product at ISABEL Health Tech, stand out as trailblazers. V Amrutha brings a wealth of experience, with over 7 years of expertise in Agile methodologies, project and product management, data management, technology operations, and business finance. As a certified project and product consultant, Amrutha has been instrumental in planning and managing multimillion-dollar, multi geography projects, aligning business objectives with cutting-edge technology solutions. Her proficiency in the full system development life cycle and her ability to navigate complex projects across different geographies make her a distinguished leader in the health tech sector. Amrutha's commitment to driving innovation through technology positions her as a key player in advancing the industries. Let’s read more from her.

How do you ensure your product vision aligns with the company’s priorities?
As the Head of Product and Engineering, ensuring alignment between your product vision and company priorities is essential. This involves understanding company goals, articulating a clear product vision, setting KPIs, fostering collaboration, and staying adaptable in a dynamic market. Strong relationships with other departments and stakeholders are crucial for gathering feedback and insights. Regular evaluation of market trends and customer feedback is also necessary to remain competitive and achieve success. This strategic approach will enhance your product's value and drive growth within the organization.

How do you train your team to maintain customer loyalty and take client feedback to improve further?
To cultivate customer loyalty and
harness client feedback for enhancement, our training regimen includes a comprehensive approach. We place a strong emphasis on effective communication skills, emphasizing active listening and clear communication to ensure our team addresses customer needs. Our organizational culture revolves around being customer-centric, motivating our team to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional experiences. Team members are adept at handling complaints gracefully and leveraging them as opportunities to showcase our customer-centric values. We foster a culture of continuous improvement through regular feedback sessions, both in terms of performance evaluations and actively seeking input from customers. Multiple feedback channels, such as surveys and social media, are established to capture client insights, and we ensure our team acts on this feedback promptly. Further more, we recognize and reward exceptional customer service, motivating the entire team to consistently strive for excellence. These training methods collectively enable our team to maintain customer loyalty and leverage client feedback for ongoing improvement.

In an era where organizations increasingly adopt artificial intelligence, machine learning, & emerging technologies, the ability to navigate these intricate technological landscapes is paramount

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?
I prioritize creating a collaborative and inclusive environment where team members are motivated to contribute their best. Open communication, transparency, and trust are key elements. I believe in setting clear, SMART(Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals and expectations, providing a vision for the team to align with. Regular feedback and continuous improvement are emphasized, along with empowering team members to take ownership and make decisions. Staying updated with industry trends is vital, and I encourage a diverse and balanced work culture where everyone feels comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions. In short, my leadership approach centers on collaboration, goal-
setting, feedback, empowerment, trend awareness, and a positive work culture to foster innovation and a high-performing team.

What is your ultimate future destination?
In today's rapidly evolving digital environment, businesses heavily rely on technology to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and maintain a competitive edge. I serve as the visionary leader responsible for overseeing an organization's product and engineering strategy, necessitating a deep understanding of both technical and business facets. The future direction is unequivocally focused on delivering high-quality products that meet customer needs while inspiring and motivating teams, cultivating an innovative and collaborative culture, and adeptly managing challenges. In an era where organizations increasingly adopt artificial intelligence, machine learning, and emerging technologies, the ability to navigate these intricate technological landscapes is paramount. A forward thinking mindset, combined with market awareness and a pulse on customer requirements, enables us to uncover new growth opportunities and deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive business success. Embracing future challenges and opportunities will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the trajectory of organizations.

What would be your advice to budding industry leaders?
My first advice to them is to recognize the increasing importance of roles in our rapidly evolving technological landscape and share their insights with aspiring leaders. Gain a comprehensive grasp of both technical and business aspects and prioritize effective communication and interpersonal skills to build trust and collaboration with teams. Second, Promote teamwork and encourage a culture of innovation where creative thinking is valued and diversity of thought is embraced. Champion a customer-centric approach, understanding their needs and staying open to adaptation. Third, Stay updated on industry trends and technological advancements through continuous learning and engagement with industry events, publications, and mentorship opportunities. Cultivate these qualities to positively impact and drive technological innovation within your organization.

V Amrutha, Head – Product, ISABEL Health Tech
V Amrutha is the Head of Product at ISABEL Health Tech, she's a trailblazer in the Healthtech industry. With over 7 years of experience in Agile, Project and Product Management, Data Management, Technology Operations, and Business Finance. Her expertise lies in driving innovative, tech-enabled solutions to enhance business operations.

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