Vikas Goyal: Leveraging The Legal Acumens Collaboratively, Cohesively And Confidently

Vikas Goyal: Leveraging The Legal Acumens Collaboratively, Cohesively And Confidently

Contributing significantly to the legal domain with prolific expertise and experience, Vikas Goyal is one of the phenomenal personas with impeccable Legal acumen and Leadership qualities. Apart from legal acumen, he specializes in team building in cross border jurisdictions, contributing to EBITDA by leveraging legal tools, strategizing in Geo expansions, implementing e-commerce in different jurisdictions, corporate restructuring, driving strategic business decisions. At present, Vikas is functioning as the Director Legal of Avantor for AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa) comprising of 5 epicenters including India, China, Singapore, Korea and Dubai with 20 legal entities, 1728 employees, 18 percent YOY growth. With vision and 20+ years of diverse and rich experience from companies like HUL, PepsiCo, Cargill and Ferrero in the legal fraternity, he has inculcated the drive to work collaboratively, cohesively and confidently

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Vikas Goyal reveals his contribution towards expanding the horizon of Avantor as a new-age growth enabler.

What were the initial challenges that taught you the basic lessons of developing, implementing and managing the compliance issues for organizations and how did those strategies help you achieve the success that you had in the later phase?
Although many of the Industries I represented, were highly regulated, the biggest challenges were preconceived notions, bureaucratic style of working, overburdened judiciary and MNCs growing phase. The approach and thought process had to take a sea change from being curative to preventive. I adapted and practiced the ‘Preemptive Approach’ of apprehending the risk, analyzing and providing the remedial and mitigation strategy which brought credibility in the beginning few years and success as I kept growing in the legal and industry.

As the Director Legal of Avantor, what are the key drivers that you deploy to ensure that the company’s regulatory Compliance are used appropriately to meet its short/ long-term needs?
As Director AMEA, one of my key roles was to stimulate ‘Geo-expansion’ and ‘Integration’ of Avantor and VWR, post the global acquisition. Consistently with perseverance and swiftness, we strengthen our base in China in 2018, which then followed with the integration of the 3 legal entities in China in the year 2020. In MEA we had no legal presence, which posed
several challenges ranging from regulatory, management sharing (as per local laws), free trade zone’s limitation in operating and doing business in mainland Dubai. To address all this, the company was incorporated in Dubai in 2018, with the extensive work of getting regulatory permission, import-export licenses, fund transfers from Lux and Singapore, the establishment of the legal frame on distribution and supply chain network, employments laws, especially in GCC and Africa.

India Integration value of 67 million$ was a challenging role with 2 Government Authorities. A complete shift in our approach and strategy with Government not only enabled us to get the permission in time but also saved USD 3,30,000/- as Government Transfer Fee.

Reiterating, as a Speaker, Writer and Presenter I touch the lives of students, colleagues, and fellow lawyers quoting examples of success, the mantras of success

Give a brief account of how the strategies laid by you have transformed the entire work culture and client relationships of Avantor.
The legal team of Avantor is often known and recognized as Solution Provider and Business friendly. To be a part of the winning team and winning culture was the simple (though tough to implement) strategy we followed; having a deeper understanding of business and its nitty-gritties. The Culture and relations development happened as we successfully superimposed the business and factual inputs with legal laws and organization priorities and philosophy.

In your journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction - both as an individual and a CLO?
Being a student at heart, always willing to learn, know and expand, I am contented that I have been able to quench my thirst in this domain. As a practicing lawyer, I started the journey in criminal law to civil law, MRTP and Consumer laws and the evolution progressed with Corporate Laws, (M&A), business structuring, litigation, corporate and commercial transactions, food laws, intellectual property, indirect tax, competition law, FCPA, data privacy and International laws. Further, my career witnessed the right blending of legal acumen and leadership
qualities – with vision and strategy to contribute to EBITDA, strategizing in geographical expansions, integration and implementing e-commerce in different jurisdictions, nourishing cohesive environment & talent management. It was the inquisitive student in me – that enabled a Speaker, a Presenter and a Writer to demonstrate the learning by motivating and inspiring lawyers, business colleagues and even the Management Students. Though the journey continues.

Are you engaged in any sort of mentorship programs outside your organization?
I inspire and aim to be a Mentor. Reiterating, as a Speaker, Writer and Presenter I touch the lives of students, colleagues, and fellow lawyers quoting examples of success, the mantras of success. As a mentor, the important task I have taken is to translate and transform ambiguities and complexities into easily broken and understandable concepts to smoothen their implementation. While I addressed 500+ MBA students before the lockdown, I was to motivate the student of a reputed school for making a career in the field of law. Equally, my lecture was getting planned to give a corporate perspective to the MBA college. To be a Mentor, learning is important. My focus on learning is not acquiring knowledge, but rightly analyzing them and making the optimum use of knowledge.

Vikas Goyal, Director Legal, Avantor
A science graduate from DU, preceded by LLB from DU and Master of Business Law (MBL) from NLS Bangalore, Vikas is the General Counsel with 20+ years of diverse and rich experience in Corporate laws with the vision of a Business Leader. A Speaker at diverse platforms including the Chamber of Commerce, International Legal Conferences, MBA colleges he was awarded for Best in House Legal team in the healthcare sector by Indian Corporate Counsel Association in 2019. He has several publications to his credit on various distinctive topics such as‘IP - An Intangible Asset Contributing to Tangible Success of Company’, ‘CXO Insight on Collaborative Approach of General Counsel and Consulting’, ‘VUCA acronym to ‘volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguity’, and ‘Justice has a mountain to climb - A Remediation Strategy’.

Hobbies: Discussing Human behaviour and economics, Cooking
Favourite Cuisine: Italian lasagne and different variety of chicken dishes
Travel Destinations: London and Singapore

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