Vishwajit Aklecha: Putting Together Years Of Experience To Provide Tailor-Made Technical Solutions To The Customers | CEOInsights Vendor
Vishwajit Aklecha: Putting Together Years Of Experience To Provide Tailor-Made Technical Solutions To The Customers

Vishwajit Aklecha: Putting Together Years Of Experience To Provide Tailor-Made Technical Solutions To The Customers

Vishwajit Aklecha,  Chief Architect

Vishwajit Aklecha

Chief Architect

In today’s corporate structure, technology is centralized in e very department for the seamless functioning of an organization. From designing and building IT systems to meeting customer needs, technology is a complex element to handle. To sync the technology framework across the organization and solve the integration problems, the Chief Architect plays a crucial role in accomplishing the firm's goal. Aiming to provide the best quality products, Vishwajit Aklecha through Tecnotree, is providing 5G-ready digital business management solutions (BSS) to his clients.

A Master’s degree holder in Computer Science, Vishwajit Aklecha has written a book named Object-Oriented Framework using C++ and CORBA. He was also a member of a pre-publication technical reviewer panel for Wrox publications' (UK) professional and early adopter Java series books.

Vishwajit Aklecha engages in an interactive session with the CEO Insights Magazine, let’s hear from him.

Tell us about your educational background and professionaljourney.
I currently serve as the Chief Architect for the Bangalore-based Tecnotree Corporation headquartered in Finland. Before joining Tecnotree, I held positions with Prudential Inc., Philips, Intuit, HP, Oracle, and Dell. I've built scalable systems and applications using the cloud, data, and APIs in industries, including insurance, healthcare, and telecom.

I began working at Tecnotree at the start of 2022, and now I'm responsible for providing technical leadership to the product engineering teams building an ecosystem leveraging APIs, cloud computing, and data. I'm glad I started my telecom career at a time when telecommunications service providers were shifting their priorities. My responsibility as Chief Architect at Tecnotree is to make sure that design principles are always being followed, that we are investing in code quality, DevOps &
Security, collecting data to enable AI/ML, and creating an interoperable software ecosystem via Open APIs.

How would you define Tecnotree as an organization? What are the special features offered by your organization to its clients?
Tecnotree is a platform company that offers fullstack digital business management solutions for communication service providers based on open API standards and AI/ML capabilities. Our product range includes open-source technology based business processes and subscription management solutions. Tecnotree is the first business in the world to receive the TM Forum's platinum certification for real world Open API standards compliance and Open Digital Architecture (ODA) compliance. Tecnotree has been named the Change maker of the Year by the Helsinki Stock Exchange Foundation for its contribution to delivering European-Finnish Innovation for promoting growth in emerging economies. The Gartner Market Guide for CSP (communications service providers) Revenue Management and Monetization Solutions has twice named Tecnotree as a Representative Vendor.

If you want amazing code, an amazing DevOps pipeline, and amazing test scripts, you must develop and build a team with a human touch. You must invest time in educating and motivating them

The firm offers digital transformation choices with a fully modular BSS, including full-stack new deployment, a complete transformation of a legacy stack, and the addition of certain capabilities that can work in tandem with old BSS in a phased way. Additionally, Tecnotree offers Tecnotree DiWa, a completely convergent digital wallet that is a fully integrated intelligent Fintech mobile banking solution. In 2021, we introduced Tecnotree Moments, a 5G-ready multi experience digital marketplace that enables operators to monetize innovative digital services and products across gaming, health, education, OTT, and other vertical ecosystems with the aid of a global partner ecosystem.

What is the latest technology Tecnotree is planning to adopt? What has been the success mantra during your path to achieving
Some of the core technologies that under pin the Tecnotree platform include its adoption of open source products, TM Forum API standards, micro service based orchestration, integrated security, and cloud native architecture. Additionally, service providers can benefit from our highly adaptable and template design, which over time lowers their overall cost.

My success mantra, as well as my path to success, has always been about people and the idea that great environments foster the creation of software that works. The emphasis is on creating individuals who provide excellent results so that I can always rely on them, as they are driven to master the fundamentals and dig deep into the specifics and are always ready to go above & beyond to satisfy the clients.

What changes in the market behaviour do you anticipate and what are the opportunities you foresee?
Due to their enormous potential to generate new income, telcos are now concentrating on enterprise businesses. Telecom businesses are expanding beyond their core connectivity to offer a combination of technological and telecom solutions on a single platform. We see enormous potential in employing Tecnotree's API- and AI/ML-based platform to help telecoms become B2B disruptors. Telcos now have the chance to broaden their views into new vertical monetization prospects due to Tecnotree's entry into partner ecosystems and B2B2X marketplaces.

As per your wide experience in the industry, what advice you would like to give to youngsters aspiring to be future leaders in this domain?
To begin with, always have an opinion based on facts, previous experiences, and of course, intuitions. It is crucial to make a choice, move forward, and be ready to embrace both positive and negative surprises. Second, creating top-notch products requires a mindset focused on quality from beginning to end. Thirdly, you must think beyond your immediate team and your thought process should be limitless. By practising these processes, you can surely become a better leader.

Vishwajit Aklecha, Chief Architect, Tecnotree Corporation
As the Chief Architect of Tecnotree, Vishwajit Acklecha is investing his skills to provide his clients with the best IT products & solutions and the supreme quality software framework.

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