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Supriyo Debnath: A Business Leader Leading Through Example Than Through Influence

Supriyo Debnath: A Business Leader Leading Through Example Than Through Influence

 Supriyo Debnath,  Director - Engineering

Supriyo Debnath

Director - Engineering

Given the intensity of technological advancements in recent times, the Enterprise Architecture industry is witnessing a sharp vertical growth. As per the research firm Markets and Markets, the global Enterprise Architecture market which stood at $989 million in 2020 is expected to be worth $1,283 million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.4 percent during the forecast period. The scenario is no different in India. Being one of the fastest growing technology hubs in the world, Enterprise Architecture is now gaining widespread prominence among business across diverse industries. This can be majorly attributed to companies increasingly opting for business-driven enterprise architecture for their strategic transition and aligning their current enterprise IT with their business strategies. Thus, Enterprise Architects play a key role in the entire process lifecycle.

Supriyo Debnath(Director - Engineering, Payference) is among the few handful business leaders in the Enterprise
Architecture realm who is driving his company to success through sheer passion, in-depth business expertise and niche technology skills. CEO Insights recently had the opportunity to interact with Supriyo about his business journey so far and his company – Payference.

Below are the excerpts of the exclusive interaction –

How has been your professional journey so far as a business leader
I started my career as an ESB developer with a multinational IT Consultancy firm and spent several years in the application and service development domain. Later in 2017, I was introduced to enterprise architecture designing and grew keen interest in building large scale IT Practices, Capability Maturity Models and Data Centers. In the course of my professional journey, I have always believed that there is something to learn in every walk of our life regardless of being successful or not in reaching the
destination. Thus, my focus has always been to learn from my day to day experiences instead of keeping track of the accomplishments.

Enlighten us about Payference and its current positioning in the market.
I came on board Payference in 2021 as the Chief Software Architect, and currently hold the role of Director – Engineering. I feel very fortunate to be part of the Payference family, as the executive team here has inculcated exceptional ethics and principles in the organization. Self-development, flexible work hours, cross-tech learning opportunities, no-barrier communication hierarchy, and entrustment of ownership are few of the qualities that I personally keep in very high regards. These practices have not only helped me boost my productivity at work, but also contributed majorly to my personal life as well.

A true leader is one who prioritizes his team’s success before his own, and I always prefer to lead by example than through influence

Payference is mainly into cashflow management solutions. We offer a unique product through which the CFOs can accurately measure the cashflow forecast through our proprietary AI algorithm, thus streamlining the collection process and improving DSO.

How do you ensure to solve your clients’ every requirements and problems through your offerings?
I follow an unconventional approach while suggesting solutions to our customers. I begin with understanding their entire business process and the reason for the need of our solution. Offering a solution without perceiving the to-be state often becomes a burden in the architecture landscape. Best in class user experience, intuitive ui, transparent data governance, globally standardized data, application & network security, auto scalability, and scope for customization are some of the factors that play a prominent role in the solutioning process. This way I try to build a good value proposition for our clients.

In your opinion, how will the industry evolve in the coming days?
Given the ongoing digital revolution, customers expect services that would make their living easy, effective and affordable. Knowledge
of persona, human psychology, challenges of daily living, language & cultural differences, and human aspirations are some of the major factors that would lead to new tech innovations in the near future. As a technology enthusiast, I am greatly interested in the Artificial General Intelligence(AGI) and make sure to keep myself updated with the latest developments in this field globally. The time is not far for AGI and Cognitive Stack to evolve from being just prototypes to becoming the backbone of every application development process.

Having such profound industry experience, what would be your advice to individuals aspiring to be future business leaders?
“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others”, said Bill Gates in one of his famous speeches. A true leader is one who prioritizes his team’s success before his own. I always prefer to lead by example than through influence. One has to remember that seniority does not allow you to be on the sidelines by just managing the team and only contributing passively. A leader must step up and take responsibilities to ensure the desired results are achieved within the expected timeframe it means that he must do it all by himself in case the team is inadequate or unavailable.Yet another characteristic of a leader is that he/she must be willing to take the burden off their team as much as possible and never attempt to increase it. This not only ensures healthy relationship among the team, but also increases their productivity at work and gives more scope for capability development.

Supriyo Debnath, Director Engineering, Payference
Supriyo is an avid tech explorer with a decade of experience in variety of Programming Languages, Business Systems and exposure to different roles and responsibilities. Currently handling the role of Director of Engineering at Payference, he is a strong believer of Tech for Business philosophy and user-centric development practices.

Hobbies: Reading, cooking and traveling
Favourite Cuisine: Mexican
Favourite Books: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
Favourite Travel Destination: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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