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Viswanath Kari: An Industry Stalwart Living His Childhood Dream

Viswanath Kari: An Industry Stalwart Living His Childhood Dream

Viswanath Kari,Founder & CEO

Viswanath Kari

Founder & CEO

The accessibility to educational infra structure in urban and rural India holds a major difference. While the urban scholars are often worried about excelling in academics, the woes of rural students start from their lack of accessibility to schools. Hailing from a humble family background, Viswanath Kari (Founder & CEO, Royal EV) had to walk across four kilo meters of hardship to reach his school. His family couldn't afford a bicycle. He got his bicycle at the age of sixteen, which was to circulate newspapers as a part time job while studying. Beyond his struggles, seeing his father ride a bicycle for 40 kilometers a day to reach his work place as he couldn't afford a motorcycle made him all the more passionate about auto mobiles.His vision to make transportation affordable for a common man finally molded him into an entrepreneur and inspired him to start Royal EV, an innovative brand offering the new generation smart electric vehicles.

Suffering through hardships and succeeding through unimaginable challenges paved the path of success for Viswanath. Inspired by our prime minister's Make in India vision coupled with the dynamic leadership in the state of Andhra Pradesh to create more employment opportunities and develop environment friendly systems within the reach of the common man, Viswanath established Royal EV. Under his guidance, the franchise opened its first showroom on 5th September 2019, after a lot of research and struggles. Currently having 140+ families associated directly as well as indirectly with Royal EV, the organization is working towards reaching TOP five e-Vehicles companies of the country. The industry stalwart's professional journey is a tale of encouragement and motivation for budding entrepreneurs.

An excerpt of Viswanath's interview is given below.
Underline your roles and responsibili ties at Royal EV. How do you leverage your experience to chalk out innovative ideas for your business operation?
My duty is to direct and oversee the business's overall strategic direction, developing highquality business strategies and plans that align with both our short term and long term objectives. I communicate our approach across the company to ensure that its operations are working per its overarching strategy, with the end goal of maximising profits, increasing shareholder value, and improving market position.

As an organization, we always make sure our employees are aware of the company vision and the ultimate goals for the business

As an organization, we always make sure our employees are aware of the company vision and the ultimate goals for the business. This encourages everyone to work together to achieve better results.

How do you think the e-Vehicles market will be in the upcoming days? What strategies are you implementing to get a stronger hold over the Indian market?
Electric vehicles promise zero tailpipe emissions and a reduction in air pollution in cities. The Indian government has created momentum through its Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of(Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles schemes that encourage, and in some segments mandates the adoption of electric vehicles (EV)to reach 30 percent EV penetration by 2030. The scheme creates demand incentives for EVs and urges the deployment of charging techno logies and stations in urban centers. If these aims are realized by 2030, they will generate an estimated saving of up to 474 million tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe) and 846 million tons of net CO2 emissions over their lifetime.

Planned well, the shift towards electric vehicles will also enhance India's energy security, and reduce the nation's oil import dependence. Royal EV is part of this revolution and is focused on the south, east and west India markets.

How has Covid-19 impacted the
Renewable Energy industry? What are the major hurdles witnessed by Royal EV due to pandemics and how did you manage to over come them?
This is a situation where every industry suffered, especially raw material imports. Almost everything was on hold. Focusing on local procurement, we started working on creating sufficient supply as per demand. But we understood that this Covid-19 has opened new doors for our industry as every one wants to have individual travel due to safety issues. Customers are also looking for a cost-effective transport mode. That made us shift our focus to increasing the ground presence. We started establishing the franchise network throughout the state after the 1st wave. After this second wave, we have started our expansion in 13 States including West Bengal, Utter Pradesh and Jharkhand. We recently signed Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and other states are in final stages.

What unique benefits can be expected from Royal EV compared to its competitors? What is the future roadmap of your company?
By inhouse battery manufacturing comprising of the latest Technology Battery (LiPo4), we make sure we give our users the best battery with the latest technology and inhouse developed battery. We are planning to set up 2000+ service centers throughout 13 States in India and the swappable battery concept is also in progress. We want to be a part of the Green & Clean Environment movement and want to create more employment oppor tunities and to be a part of the nation's growth.

Viswanath Kari, Founder& CEO, Royal EV
An architect of SASDAL Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Viswanath is a first generation entrepreneur and has led the company in undertaking various projects of National importance. It is his vision, passion, zeal and indefatigable energy which has been instrumental in bringing the Private Sector initiative into the public domain. He has over 15+ years of experience in conceiving and developing Projects and 6+ Years in Electric Vehicles sector.

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