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  • CA Samkit Shah, Co-Founder, Jitendra New EV Tech

    CA Samkit Shah, Co-Founder, Jitendra New EV Tech

  • As the global automotive industry is experiencing a paradigm shift while trying to redirect the world to less energy intensive options, India is also investing in this electric power driven mobility shift. Regarded as the fifth largest in the world, the Indian automotive industry is gearing up to grab the third position by 2030. The rising fuel prices and the climate change are impacting and encouraging India's recent strategies to catalyze its transition to e-mobility. Apart from strong FDI in flow, novel manufacturing hubs, and increased compulsion to contemporize the available infrastructure the electric vehicle (EV) industry in India also owes to crucial factors such as government subsidies, guidelines favoring profound concessions for India made two wheeler electric vehicles and the intensifying demand for localized ACC battery storage production. Marking its prominence prolifically across the EV market, India stands benefited by the virtue of relative abundance of renewable energy resources and accessibility of skilled manpower across the technology as well as manufacturing arena.

  • CA Samkit Shah: A New - Age Chartered Accountant Refurbishing E- Mobility Domain

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Top 10 Leaders In E Vehicles - 2021

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  • Top 10 Leaders In E Vehicles - 2021

    The world is struggling with consequence of burning fuels, today the need to switch from fuels to other environmental friendly alternatives is more than ever. This makes the E-vehicle(EV) one of the most exciting, significant and necessary areas of innovation today. The global electric vehicle market size is projected to grow from 4,093 thousand units in 2021 to 34,756 thousand units by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.8 percent. India has shown keen interest in this automotive paradigm shift. Many new rules such as the scrap policy have been adopted to avoid the use of old fuel burning polluting vehicles and shift to e-vehicles.

    Apart from environmental benefits e-vehicles, especially electronic cars, are eagerly awaited due to various reasons like autonomous driving options, personalized smart assistance solutions, 5G embedded next generation technologies and more. Further, electric vehicles are 75-80 percent cheaper from fuel and maintenance perspective, which ultimately translated in lower maintenance bills. Moreover India's oil demand is fulfilled by import. Large scale adoption of electric vehicles is projected to help save $60 billion on oil imports by 2030.

    Countries are increasing EV charging stations and hydrogen fueling stations across their states. electric vehicles could make driving safer, connected and less environmental polluting. Strong cyber security codes are built to ensure safety of data in the connected vehicle. EV batteries are one of the most expensive parts of an electric vehicle. Due to technological advancements and the production of EV batteries on a mass scale in large volumes, the cost of EV batteries has been decreasing over the past decade thus the rates of e-vehicles are expected to decrease in the coming years.

    Understanding the changing trends, this issue of CEO Insights brings you a list of 'Top 10 Leaders In E Vehicles - 2021'. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. These names are crafted as we recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable products and services.

Top 10 Leaders In E Vehicles - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Lohia Auto Ayush Lohia, CEO Lohia Auto An experienced professional with 20+ years of experience in Negotiation, Business Planning, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Business Development
Enerture Technologies Bhairaw Kumar,Founder Enerture Technologies A Certified Energy Auditor by BEE GoI, and Certified for Sustainable Development from United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development with excellent skills in Energy Management & Finance
Mahindra Electric Mobility Mahesh Babu, CEO Mahindra Electric Mobility Mahesh has 20+ years of experience in mobility technologies with topnotch skills in automotive, product development & manufacturing
Tata Motors Natarajan Chandrasekaran,Non-Executive Director & Chairman Tata Motors An experience of 30+ years with excellent solutions for information technology and consulting Natarajan is leading a plehtora of businesses for the company
Hero Electric Naveen Munjal, MD Hero Electric Offering technology solutions for climate change & zero emission mobility with excellent skills in business strategy, product developent & new business development
Evtric Motors Prashant Shete, Director Evtric Motors Prashant has been a visionary in the Indian electric vehicle segment and he has been one of the most influential business leaders in the industry
Jitendra New EV Tech CA Samkit Shah,Co-Founder Jitendra New EV Tech CA Samkit Shah is on a mission to transform e-mobility in paradigms in India and is engaged in introducing alternate fuel mobility solutions across the Indian market
Visaiyon Energies and Electro Motors Saravanan Balakrishnan, Founder & Director Visaiyon Energies and Electro Motors Saravanan Balakrishnan is a CAE Structural analysis and Crash Analysis Expert. He is working to revolutionize the way people move about with his five plus years of industrial expertise and passion in electric vehicles
Ather Energy Tarun Mehta, Co-founder & CEO Ather Energy Tarun Mehta is a world class leader in development of next generation electric two wheelers contributing with topnotch skills in entrepreneurship, matlab & product design
Royal EV Viswanath Kari,Founder & CEO Royal EV Viswanath is a first generation entrepreneur and has led the company in under taking various projects of National importance

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