Wellogo Services: Imbibing a Culture of Well-being through Smart Solutions

Wellogo Services: Imbibing a Culture of Well-being through Smart Solutions

Gone are the days when it took long hours to convince employers about the entailment for employee wellness programs. Today, it’s a part of the employee value proposition. A new report by Grand View Research, Inc divulges that the global corporate wellness market is projected to hit $ 90.7 billion by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 6.8 percent. But amidst this transition over the years many of the employers have fallen prey to the run-of-the-mill vanilla programs, making them fail to recognize the need for developing a sustainable corporate wellness culture. Every employee needs a piece of it. Gurgaon based Wellogo Services Pvt. Ltd helps its clients build this sustainable culture of well being through its smart solutions that impact every employee and keep them happy, healthy and engaged. It works hand-in-hand with its partners to customize solutions and make them comprehensive & effective.
Manuk Verma,Executive Director
Making anything comprehensive requires strong capabilities & infrastructure, and Wellogo has built it in abundance over the past eight years. The result? It today touches more than 9.5 million lives every day through 24 branches across India and 10,000+ healthcare & wellness experts on board. The company’s holistic services include Health Risk Assessment, Health Check-ups, Healthcare Expenditure Reduction Programs, Health Talks, Consultations, and 360 degree Preventive Health Programs. Furthermore, it also offers a myriad of other activities related to employee engagement, motivation, and retention.

With the emergence of new job roles and transformation of the old ones, the burgeoning corporate wellness market offers a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities to the organizations in the segment.
Wellogo has broad plans to pounce on this opportunity. CEO Insights engages in an interview with Manuk Verma, Executive Director, Wellogo Services.

What are the ingredients that make a wellness program successful with the scope of bottom-to-top level of employees?
We are talking about humans. It right way takes a constant formula out of the picture. We need to delve deep into the organization and its work culture to recommend a practical and accessible solution for employee wellness. We need to integrate the culture of well-being into the company’s work culture and in turn to the employees. In the process, health screening and education play an instrumental role. Such carefully crafted, comprehensive programs will help each of them turn around the lifestyle, leading to work environment becoming more health conscious.

We need to integrate the culture of well-being into the company’s work culture and in turn to the employees.

How do you ensure that your products meet the requirements of your clients?
Our products are designed to meet the requirements of organizations of different sizes and work cultures. The beginners can kick start their wellness journey through Wellogo Beginner, which is a startup program with the essential healthcare services. On the other hand, Wellogo Fit is a customized program with essential and additional services. We also have an integrated approach called Wellogo Together, wherein we work together to make the existing program even more successful.

Your client Accenture, won the 2016 Brandon Hall Award in the golden category for the Best Wellness Program. How do you create this difference?
Well, the credit goes to our
approach towards tackling the challenges and the capabilities that we have built over the years. It’s a time when more employers are focusing on improving the health of their employees. The biggest challenge however is getting the attention and having the involvement of employees. Over the last few years, we have doubled our employee engagement through our plans and services to meet employer’s objectives.

On the other hand, our capabilities play a hand too. Sickness related absenteeism & resultant productivity loss is an employer's biggest concern. But our on-site Corporate Medical Room Service mitigates the worries of our clients. We run over 100 state-of-the-art Medical Rooms across India for more than 20 clients. We also have a robust network of diagnostic centers across the country to support annual & pre employment health checkups for our clients.

The market is offering an equal amount of challenges and opportunities. What’s your vision to tackle these challenges and serve more clients?
Today, 75 percent Indians who are under the age of 40 years are over stressed. It’s an alarming fact and we need to imbibe a culture of well-being. Just like the old adage, prevention is better than cure. Currently, only three percent of total healthcare expenditure is directed at prevention. We endeavor to improve this number through our proactive care programs.

Key Management:
Manuk Verma, Executive Director
A Young Turk, Manuk after establishing Wellogo, went-on to incept Kyor in the early 2016, which helps individuals and organizations achieve their health goals using technology. He also serves on the board of Eicore Tech(InsurTech solutions).

Corporate Office: Gurgaon

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