Whyte: Strengthening The Foundation Through Value Innovation

Whyte: Strengthening The Foundation Through Value Innovation

Ashtaka Sharma, Tanu Kamra, Souman Mukherjee,Co-FoundersWhyte knowledge and Data Solutions is an emerging business & technology consulting firm headquartered in Gurugram, India and a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK and targeted additional subsidiary openings planned for in Jersey, British Channel Islands and the UAE. Their team consists of 50+ seasoned consultants along with contracting partners and industry stalwarts with experience in designing and implementing large scale business and tech transformation projects globally. Whyte’s consultants and partners have an average of 20+ years of domain experience in industries such as banking, financial services, logistics, healthcare, telecom and BPO operations. “Our consultants are a diverse mix of Lean, Six Sigma, PMP, Prince 2, CA, CFA, Design Thinking, ISO and ITIL certified individuals besides our team of wiz kids, who are qualified engineers and domain experts working in our innovation lab. We have led and delivered projects for several Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies. For all our consulting engagements we leverage the extensive experience of our domain experts along with proprietary frameworks, assessment methodologies and knowledge repositories. Whyte also has a small selection of inhouse tools in areas of Analytics, Business Intelligence Reporting and Process Assessment & Documentation that are leveraged when required. All our engagements are governed using established project management practices and standards (adaptation of PMBOK).” says Souman Mukherjee, Co-founder & Strategy Director at Whyte.

Enhancing Business Productivity
Since the beginning, Whyte has been constantly exploiting new ways of working and have strived to take their consulting services a notch higher every time. Examples of such strides include designing and launching a structured framework that enables transformation initiatives to be deployed remotely in any part of the world to drive cost benefits and realize operational efficiencies. This framework combines lean and six sigma principles with thought leadership and breaks it down into 6 steps to design an enterprise wide solution that increases top line, creates efficient operating procedures, and positively impacts customer experience for client organizations. Additionally, Whyte has designed practices to manage and deploy the overall lifecycle of robotics process automation remotely, thereby enabling companies to eliminate the high consulting team mobilisation costs and reduce the risk of terminating programmes during unforeseen impact such as COVID-19. This move effectively catapults the financial health of companies and consequently impacts the economy. Souman says, “We’ve always had the ability to deep dive and deploy remotely and Covid-19 has just given clients another reason embrace this new way of working”. He adds, “These service offerings have been created by melting together extensive industry experiences of our consultants and partners and through the knowledge acquired by providing these consulting services to across geographies and industry sectors, and through our practices, experience, tools, frameworks, commitment, and team spirit clients are even more appreciative of value being created, not only for them but for the community overall.

Astonishing Growth
The global consulting market was valued at US$ 160 bn of which Indian consulting constituted US$ 2.88 in 2019 (Source: Size of management consulting by country 2019 by E. Mazareanu, April 2020 Publication) with a growth rate of 4-5%. Whyte offers management consulting services across the globe and has witnessed a grown of 600% in FY20 as compared to FY19. Their
projected CAGR after taking in normalisation, client saturation and market maturity factors, is estimated at 109% for the next three years. To realise that growth and execute the contracts the leadership at team at Whyte has laid a blueprint to grow staff strength to over 200 employees within 5 years. This employment generation will be offered to fresh Tech and Business management graduates and middle level managers across IT, BPO, Banking and Analytics. Since inception, Whyte has delivered strategically important projects for some marquee clients that are Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 businesses. This has helped this bootstrapped firm shore up its revenue to approx. 1.5 Mn USD in only their second year in business.

Problem Solving
Whyte’s services lend immense economic benefits to clients by eliminating non value add activities, reducing rework, streamlining business processes, automating repetitive manual transactions using RPA solutions and standardising processes and functions across the enterprise. All these result in reducing capital outlay that lowers operating costs and frees up resources for clients to expand operations, focus on growing their clientele or spending more on R&D.

The uniqueness of whyte’s solution is in the way the expert team at whyte solves problems. As a company that offers end-to-end consulting services agnostic of sectors, whyte has consciously curated the art of data led problem solving

“While the world moves towards the concept of doing more with less, companies around the world are opting for cutting edge technology platforms, robotic automations, and AI/ML based solutions. Often, these cutting edge solutions are bolted on to the existing systems or patched into the legacy architecture of the organization. This results in suboptimal returns for companies. The problem we try to address is to ensure that our client companies get their foundations in place before they start venturing into any such initiatives. We ensure that we deploy the right structures in place such as defining the parameters of success, data sources and measurement systems, associated processes, staff and skill development roadmaps before our clients consider investment in these cutting edge technologies, thereby helping them realise their full potential”, explains Souman.

He adds, “Whyte strongly believes that our firm is in the business of solving the problem of wasted effort and resources. This problem manifests itself in several ways in client organisations, a few of the most common examples are high operating costs, poor end customer experience, misaligned processes and systems, incorrectly structured products or services, inappropriately positioned marketing messages, and others.”

“Though our assignments Whyte supports its clients to tackle these strategic problems with confidence, by taking decisions that are backed by data models and frameworks that consider not only the process and organisational parameters specific to their organisation but also input from the ecosystem they operate in and interact with on a day to day basis. We solve the problem of inefficiency, slackness and wasted resources and help redirect them in creating value for our clients and for the economy at large”, adds Souman.

The Five Lens Approach
Whyte is called an end-to-end consulting services company, and they take pride in backing their recommendations by owning project execution to realise benefits for its clients. Their five lens approach is used to quantify drivers, where each lens evaluates a component that makes up the client’s organisation. The five lenses are: organisational structure, business process model, technology architecture, product and service portfolio and 360-degree end customer view. Assessing the client organisation through these lenses, their value
propositions and the cost structure underpinning them is derived. Secondary research is conducted to collect and analyse data points to build the value propositions offered by competitors and market leaders. Research is then used to extrapolate and baseline cost to serve for each value proposition. This gives the elements needed to remodel their client’s value propositions. Using 4 filters: Eliminate, Reduce, Improve and Create; they reconstruct the client’s value curve, design a future state and define criteria for success. An iterative process is followed to define a business case that justifies the investment. A robust project management and governance framework is established to push through change, monitor progress, resolve issues and enhance adoption.

Whyte’s problem solving approach is essentially a blend of science and art and often involves cramming in several decades of the hard work and learning experiences their consultants have garnered across diverse industries into one data led solution that is fit for purpose, simple and scalable for the client’s problems.

Multiple Solutions
“We believe in our mantra that situations can be complex, solutions need not be.” Souman states. Through its combined knowledge, experience and use of in-house tools and frameworks, Whyte works to breakdown client’s problems into simple, byte sized issues. Each issue is investigated for drivers and causes, and a range of solution options are designed to solve them. Each solution option is quantified against several parameters in the context of the client’s organization and their operating environment. Options are then scored and assembled to see reusable solution components and cross efficiencies. By following this approach, we ensure predictability of outcomes as we focus our efforts on the drivers of the underlying issues. For a consulting company, each assignment poses a new problem, and its essential for us to have a problem-solving approach that is agnostic of industries or geographies.

It is this problem solving approach has been a key factor for Whyte’s growth from 10L to 10CR+ in just 2 years. Given the expertise Whyte practices, it’s no surprise that the company, led by Souman, Tanu and Ashtaka along with a strong game-changing team is projected for a higher growth and soaring success.

Whyte’s core team comprises of Souman Mukherjee, Ashtaka Sharma and Tanu Kamra. They have worked together as a close-knit team for the past 15 years and have build the trust and comradeship like the 3 musketeers: one for all and all for one. Besides, they have been supported by Dibyendu Das and Rohit Tuli since inception making it a perfect blend of skills that were needed to build Whyte.

Souman Mukherjee, Co-Founder & Strategy Director
SoumanMukherjee co-founded Whyte Knowledge and Data Solutions in 2018 with Ashtaka Sharma and Tanu Kamra with a clear mission – to build in a best in class consulting organisation.

With a vision to be a company where one joins as an employee but works as an entrepreneur – a company with no employees but partners in the growth journey, they have attracted proactive and energetic talent crucial to the company’s success.

After many years spent helping organisations build and improve their operations, the founders decided it was time to do this for their own organisation. Completely bootstrapped, they have helped grow Whyte from a fledgling partnership to a flourishing organisation achieving 600% growth within the second year.

This has now made, the admirable original ambition of growing the company to $20 Mn within 5 years, a very credible reality.

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