WorkWise: Flexible Modern Workspaces to Fit the Needs of Everyone

WorkWise: Flexible Modern Workspaces to Fit the Needs of Everyone

The fact that the success rate of people who work from coworking spaces is a cut above those operating from traditional offices reaffirms that these spaces are the ideal breeding ground for inspiration and innovation. From giving a sense of purpose to freelancers and networking opportunities for startups till enhancing the productivity at a relaxed environment for large enterprises, co-working spaces offer something for everyone. Against this backdrop, WorkWise, a Mumbai-based company, is re-inventing the modern workspace for freelancers, SMEs and large MNCs alike by bestowing them with immense flexibility and a positive user experience.

Founders, Gaurav Gandhi & Gautam Kalro, embarked on this venture in October 2017 with just one center at Lower Parel. Over the years, WorkWise, with its stark focus on customer satisfaction, has added two more centers on the map, which are strategically located at Andheri West and Vashi, Navi Mumbai. In an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, they delineate the unique elements that demarcate WorkWise and its diverse offerings. Here are the excerpts:

Please give us an insight on the way you run the company.

Our main focus at WorkWise is to provide office solutions and to cater to teams of all sizes across all types of businesses. The vibrant and boutique feel exuded by WorkWise serves as a better option for individuals as well as organizations, whereas the option of customizing the workspaces at reasonable costs works well for all kinds of organizations. We also strongly believe in Collaboration over Competition and thus we focus on conducting networking events, wherein our clients can meet, engage and hopefully collaborate with other companies or even as individuals.

Explain about the support services that you provide in order to ensure that your customers enjoy a hassle-free experience.
Gaurav Gandhi & Gautam Kalro,Founders

Our professional team has a competitive edge over other players in providing a very positive user experience to our clients and an impeccable customer service

At WorkWise, customer relation and satisfaction is of the highest order. Hence, we offer structural modifications, giving flexibility in the term length, providing the kind of office space as per the size & type of client’s business or offering upgrade/downgrade i.e. flexibility for startups, as well as professional IT setup for large companies to meet their specific requirements. Built to suite options are also available for larger MNCs.

The team at WorkWise has a collective experience of 45 years spanning Hospitality, Co-working. Real Estate, Telecom, Media, Health and Wellness Industry, which works as a very good balance in terms of understanding and catering to a client’s business requirements. Hence, our professional team has a competitive edge over other players in providing a very positive user experience to our clients and an impeccable customer service.
Kindly brief us about your modern workspaces along with their unique amenities and pricing models.

Our co-working area consists of Flexible and Dedicated desks, which are our sensitive products from a business price point. Internal and External cabins are also available for teams of all sizes, allowing each team to customize their office space based on their needs. Cabin space ranges from Single manager cabins up to 10 workstation cabins. Fully equipped conference rooms with audio visual facilities, can accommodate up to 15 members. Pricing is basis the type and size of offices, which makes it very easy for clients to choose the most appropriate office space.
At WorkWise, we have embedded technology to ensure smooth operations for our clients using platforms like Captivo and Adapt.

We also have a recreation area which allows our clients to take a break amidst their hectic schedules.

How do you choose the perfect locations for your modern workspaces?

While choosing our locations, we not only consider the proximity to public transport, but also to other corporate companies, which makes it easier for clients to manage business relationships or collaborate with other companies.

Kindly tell us about the future plans you have charted-out for WorkWise.

We’re launching with centers at Juinagar and Churchgate this year and 7 more in the year to follow. Eventually the plan is to put WorkWise on the map with a lot more centers around the country.

Key Management:

Gaurav Gandhi, Co-Founder
Gautam Kalro, Co-Founder

Both Gaurav and Gautam have collectively 30 years of experience in Real Estate and Co-working.

Locations: Lower Parel, Andheri and Vashi

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