Abhijit Bose: An Industry Expert Admired For His Strategic Approach And Pioneering Leadership Qualities

Abhijit Bose: An Industry Expert Admired For His Strategic Approach And Pioneering Leadership Qualities


Abhijit Bose: An Industry Expert Admired For His Strategic Approach And Pioneering Leadership QualitiesResponsible for carrying out development, preparation, execution, and managing the overall business marketing strategy, Chief Marketing Officers play a pivotal role in deciding the due course of the organization. Indulging themselves across various distinctive marketing verticals, such as market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising, and public relations, CMOs ensure that the company is indeed sailing smoothly. As one of the leading stalwarts of this segment, Abhijit Bose(Chief Marketing Officer, Tagros Chemicals India) is engaged in leveraging his almost 30 years of industry experience to craft comprehensive, convenient and contemporary business solutions across his present organization Tagros Chemical India. Working in both Indian and international market dynamics, Abhijit has garnered some exemplary skill sets during his professional journey so far and that has subsequently accelerated his growth within the industry. Exclusively admired for his strategic approach and pioneering leadership qualities, Abhijit Bose is currently implementing his three decades of expertise across the operations of Tagros Chemicals India, specifically around areas pertaining to marketing & sales, regulatory, product development, and logistics.

Abhijit engages in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights. Define Tagros Chemicals India as an organization and its current standing in the industry?
/Tagros Chemicals is one of the fastest growing B2B companies in the Indian Agrochemical Industry. Established in 1992, Tagros has been an offshoot of the erstwhile Jhaver group a prolific business establishment with a rich 100 year history. Today, Tagros is regarded as one of the top-notch manufacturers of agrochemicals with an international reputation in crop protection and other allied segments. Based in Chennai, the company nurtures a business relationship with over 90 countries across the world. With three state-of-the-art manufacturing sites in Dahej, Panoli(Gujarat), Cuddalore (Tamil Nadu)and an upcoming site at Ankleshwar, Tagros possesses the scalability and capability to deliver world class agro chemical solutions with a seamless customer experience.

By nature, I have always enjoyed following the paths less travelled which include going away from my comfort zone

What are the lessons you have learned in your journey so far and how do you apply them in your current role?
By nature, I have always enjoyed following the paths less traveled which include going away from my comfort zone. My major strength lies in Team building and leadership. I also believe that Relationship Management is the key to any successful business development. So, challenges have always been a part of the package in my journey. We have an open-minded management team at Tagros Chemicals, where people are keen to try out new things, and we believe in one theory, ‘whatever we do, let us make it big’. Thanks to Tagros Team today, we are the global market leader in Sulfentra zone(herbicide)and Synthetic Pyrethroid Insecticides. 

How do you ensure that Tagros Chemicals India remains naturally aligned with the needs of the environment?
An affluent and dynamic industrial world is made possible by a complex and multifaceted web of connections. While being well positioned to meet the demands of a growing world, Tagros functions based on a comprehensive view of agri business. We view Tagros’ role in the industry to extend beyond enhancing agriculture and improving yield. In creating lasting value for all of our stake holders, Tagros honors the responsibility to maintain an inclusive and sustainable production model. The internal compass of the company is naturally aligned towards a sustainable tomorrow, where the environment is not considered an ‘external factor’, but the ultimate stakeholder.

How are you cultivating global success for Tagros Chemicals with drive and commitment?
Tagros is a leading name in the agrochemical and crop protection industry with a global presence. With proven abilities in meeting international standards, we have established subsidiaries and commenced local operations in Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil. Driven by a multidisciplinary team with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we manufacture a wide range of chemical products that meet diverse needs in the agricultural value chain. We, at Tagros, cultivate success stories by leveraging leading edge technology and rigorous procedures. Over the years, we have a deep commitment to creating sustainable , efficient and innovative solutions.

After becoming the first company of India to meet WHO & FAO specifications in 2006, Tagros Chemicals became the only Indian company to defend and notify Permethrin in the European Union. Tagros’ international standing is a testament to its excellence under various criteria such as Environment, Health Safety, and Quality.