TCPL Associates with Accenture & Blue Yonder to Create Autonomous Supply Chain

  TCPL Associates with Accenture & Blue Yonder to Create Autonomous Supply Chain Tata Consumer Products Limited (TCPL) has developed an autonomous and integrated supply chain with Blue Yonder, world leader in digital supply chain and omni-channel commerce fulfillment, and implemented by Accenture. Leveraging solutions in Blue Yonder’s Luminate Planning, the digital transformation of TCPL’s supply chain is expected to enhance end-to-end visibility across the value chain to address the growing consumer demands and enable purposeful growth.

The project has been powered by Microsoft Azure, Blue Yonder’s strategic partner for SaaS-based solutions.

TCPL is a consumer products company, uniting the food and beverage interests of the Tata Group. The company’s range of products includes tea, water, coffee, salt, pulses, spices, and packaged food offerings. However, the company is innovating with new marketplace models and expects a larger play in the food and beverage industry that requires improved capabilities for inventory optimization, demand planning, sales and operations planning (S&OP), and supply planning and replenishment to be successful.

Vishal Dhawan, Vice President, APAC sales, Blue Yonder says, “With more people working from and staying home, tea consumption by consumers has gone up. By digitally transforming its supply chain, TCPL can be better prepared for these kinds of shifts in behavior thanks to the strong demand, inventory optimization and S&OP capabilities of Luminate Planning powered by Microsoft Azure.”

Associating with Accenture and selecting Blue Yonder’s Luminate Planning solutions, TCPL would augment service levels, reduce logistics costs and emissions as well as improve delivery responses, and put the decision-making power at the frontline of the sales organization.

Vineet R. Ahuja, Managing Director, Accenture India says, “The digital transformation of TCPL’s supply chain will allow for more intelligent planning and better execution that helps achieve greater efficiency, sustainability and resilience. With the combined value of our consumer goods industry experience and responsible supply chain expertise, TCPL will now have a future-proof, customer-centric supply chain and dynamic retailer sales intelligence that brings TCPL closer to end consumers.”

TCPL can combine rich internal and external data from across its digital supply chain assets by underpinning its SaaS-based supply chain footprint with Azure. This would allow the company to gain real-time visibility into issues, and take quick resolution actions and plan for scenarios.

“Companies like TCPL add value by integrating the Blue Yonder Luminate Planning solutions with Microsoft Azure. Luminate Planning helps TCPL tackle a variety of planning needs, ensuring customers have the right products when and where they need them thanks to the enterprise-grade reliability that Microsoft Azure provides,” says Venkat Krishnan, executive director, Commercial Partners, Microsoft India.

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