Altair Acquires Cambridge Semantics, Enhancing Enterprise Data Fabrics and AI


AltairAltair, a global leader in computational intelligence, has announced its acquisition of Cambridge Semantics, a modern data fabric provider known for its advanced analytical graph databases. This strategic move aims to leverage Cambridge Semantics' graph-powered data fabric technology to expedite the development of comprehensive enterprise knowledge graphs. These knowledge graphs integrate complex structured and unstructured data into a unified, simplified view, streamlining enterprise data management.

By merging Cambridge Semantics' transformative knowledge graph technology with Altair's robust data analytics and data science tools, organizations can build advanced analytics ecosystems that seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their daily operations. This union provides companies with a strong foundation for infusing AI into their business practices, offering a solid platform for successful generative AI applications.

Altair Founder and CEO James R. Scapa highlighted the importance of knowledge graphs in data fabric, emphasizing that they enable the delivery of the right data to the right individuals at the right time. Scapa also noted that knowledge graphs play a pivotal role in supporting generative AI applications, as they ground AI models with essential business context, thereby reducing hallucinations and significantly enhancing response quality.

Cambridge Semantics' technologies will be seamlessly incorporated into the Altair RapidMiner platform, augmenting its existing offerings with knowledge graph, data governance, data virtualization, and data discovery technology. This integration complements the platform's current capabilities in data preparation, ETL, data science, business intelligence, MLOps, workload management, and orchestration tools.

Charles Pieper, chairman and CEO of Cambridge Semantics, expressed enthusiasm for the transition, noting that joining Altair aligns with the company's mission to accelerate technology adoption. Cambridge Semantics has historically found success working with Fortune 500 companies in government, defense, life sciences, and manufacturing sectors. The company's incorporation into Altair's extensive customer base through the Altair Units business model and its integration into Altair RapidMiner is expected to benefit both the company and its customers.

Founded in 2007 by a team from IBM's Advanced Technology Group, Cambridge Semantics has been at the forefront of semantic graph data models. The company's team played a key role in developing data warehouses such as IBM Netezza and Amazon Redshift and is one of the largest collections of knowledge graph experts globally. This expertise has been instrumental in helping organizations harness their data for analytics, uncovering new insights, and achieving competitive differentiation.

Altair CTO Srikanth Mahalingam spoke about the acquisition's impact, emphasizing that it brings substantial data warehousing expertise to Altair's already strong analytics and data science team. This collaboration creates a core group of engineers well-versed in the entire data lifecycle, from data creation to practical application. The combined expertise and technology promise to take Altair to new heights in data management and AI innovation.