Altos India Spearheads Make in India with Top-Tier Workstations and Servers


Altos India is strengthening its commitment to the 'Make in India' initiative by broadening its manufacturing offerings to encompass high-end workstations and servers. Within this expansion, Altos India has introduced two state-of-the-art servers specifically crafted to address the evolving demands of extensive IT and cloud data centers. These products, manufactured under the Make in India program, are finely tuned to cater to the needs of enterprise clientele.

Altos India's strategic venture into high-end manufacturing represents a noteworthy achievement, highlighting its dedication to fostering local production. The unveiling of these Rack and Tower servers symbolizes a pivotal advancement in bolstering India's ambition to emerge as a key contender in the upscale manufacturing domain.

Sanjay Virnave, Country Head and General Manager at Altos Computing, commented, “In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, there is a growing demand for advanced solutions that cater to the needs of large IT and cloud data centers. These products not only meet these demands effectively but also align seamlessly with government initiatives, highlighting our dedication to local manufacturing”.

Altos Computing offers AI Computing, Cloud Computing, and High-Performance Computing solutions to its clientele. Serving as a reliable ally, we assist numerous central and state government departments in their digital transformation endeavors by delivering essential solutions for establishing and expanding their IT infrastructure.

Through the Make in India initiative, Altos has launched Rack and Tower Servers that deliver true server-class features with flexible expansion options and management capabilities. We have launched a Dual socket 2U system ideal to handle any workloads. This system can function as a Database Server for Big Data analytics, a computing node for your High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment or for virtualization purposes in cloud infrastructure. These systems are highly efficient and can function as the core infra for your most demanding IT workloads. On Tower we have an offering on Intel Platform, it’s a powerful and affordable Tower Server, ideal solution to handle entry level server workloads designed for Government, Education and SMB customers.

Altos' newest products signify a notable advancement in India's pursuit to establish itself as a prominent figure in upscale manufacturing. Engineered to deliver peak performance and scalability, these servers are tailored to tackle the unique obstacles faced by extensive IT and cloud data centers. Prioritizing reliability and energy efficiency underscores Altos India's commitment to sustainability, providing solutions that foster a more environmentally conscious data center landscape.

Manufactured under the 'Make in India' initiative, these products not only demonstrate Altos India's technological prowess but also underscore its dedication to providing top-notch, locally made goods that meet the most stringent standards and comply with government regulations.