AWS Launches Space Accelerator Program in India, Selects 24 Startups


AmazonAmazon Web Services (AWS) has launched its inaugural space accelerator program in India, selecting 24 startups across various segments of the space industry. This initiative marks a significant boost for India's burgeoning space startup ecosystem.

The selected startups span diverse sectors within the space domain, including spacecraft propulsion, orbital and launch vehicles, satellite imagery, geospatial applications, weather analysis, and space tourism. Among them are a launch vehicle and sustainable satellite startup from Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, an advanced geospatial analysis startup from Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and a satellite technology-based precision farming startup from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Clint Crosier, Director of AWS's Aerospace and Satellite business, highlighted that this marks the fourth year of AWS's Space Accelerator program globally, but the first focused specifically on India. The decision to launch the program in India stems from the immense growth potential observed in the country's space sector. Crosier noted the increasing number of new space startups in India and strong governmental support as key factors influencing this decision.

The accelerator program, spanning 14 weeks, will provide participating startups with specialized technical expertise, tailored AWS training, and mentorship from industry experts in the space domain. Additionally, AWS will offer up to $100,000 in cumulative AWS credits to each startup, facilitating the development and scaling of their innovative solutions.

This initiative is part of AWS's broader collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACe), following a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2023. The program underscores AWS's commitment to nurturing India's space ecosystem by empowering startups to innovate and address challenges in space technology.

The selected startups can expect substantial support in advancing their capabilities and contributing to the evolution of India's space industry through cutting-edge solutions and technologies.