Chandigarh University and Bajaj Auto Ink Pact for Skill Enhancement Program


ChandiChandigarh University has partnered with Bajaj Auto Ltd to launch a six-month skill development residential program, aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative for enhancing youth employability.

The collaboration will establish the Bajaj Engineering Skill Training (BEST) Centre of Excellence on the university campus, aiming to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry demands. The program, meticulously crafted by Bajaj Auto, features a four-stage curriculum that focuses on hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment.

Admissions will be merit-based, with scholarships available to deserving candidates. Participants will benefit from the expertise of world-class trainers, ensuring they acquire practical skills directly applicable to the industry.

Chandigarh University’s Director General, Hrridyash Deshpande, highlighted the program’s impact: "This initiative will enhance students' skills, providing them with world-class training that significantly improves their employability. Graduates will receive two to three job offers upon course completion. The program's practical approach, involving direct work on modern machines, ensures they gain valuable industry-ready experience".