Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin Announces International Airport at Hosur


TamilTamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin announced the construction of a new international airport in Hosur, aimed at spurring socio-economic development across the Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri districts. The announcement was made in the State Assembly under Rule 110.

Chief Minister Stalin detailed that the upcoming airport would occupy 2,000 acres and is designed to handle approximately 30 million passengers annually. He emphasized that the airport would serve as a significant catalyst for transforming Hosur into a key economic zone, particularly in light of its recent success in attracting major investments in the electronic vehicles sector.

"For the past years, Hosur district has been attracting major investments in Electronic Vehicles. To make Hosur an important economic zone, various plans are being implemented. This government is considering that an airport is needed in Hosur for the social development of Hosur, Krishnagiri, and Dharmapuri", Stalin stated. 

The CM's announcement highlights the state's commitment to infrastructural development and economic enhancement, aligning with the broader vision of advancing Tamil Nadu under the Dravidian model of governance. Stalin noted, "Under the Dravidian model government, Tamil Nadu is developing in all sectors, especially in major industries. Many global industries are looking forward to investing in Tamil Nadu".

In addition to the airport, CM Stalin also unveiled plans for a Grand Library and Science Centre in Trichy. This facility is intended to mirror the libraries in Chennai, Madurai, and Coimbatore, aiming to enhance educational and scientific resources in the region. "A Grand Library and Science Centre will be set up in Trichy following the Libraries in Madurai and Coimbatore", he added.

On the legislative front, CM Stalin, on Wednesday, moved a resolution urging the Central Government to initiate the long-overdue national census, incorporating a caste-based population count. The resolution, passed unanimously, underscores the need for a caste-based census to inform policies ensuring equal rights and opportunities in education, economy, and employment across India. 

"This House considers that a caste-based Population Census is essential to formulate policies to ensure equal rights and equal opportunities in education, economy, and employment for every citizen of India", the resolution stated. 

The Tamil Nadu government continues to push for infrastructural advancements and comprehensive demographic data to foster equitable growth and development.