CERT-In Partners with Mastercard to Strengthen Cybersecurity in Financial Sector


InIn a significant move to enhance cybersecurity in India’s financial sector, the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) under the IT Ministry has partnered with Mastercard. This collaboration aims to bolster cooperation and information sharing in cybersecurity incident response, capacity building, and the analysis of advanced malware.

The alliance will focus on fortifying cybersecurity by leveraging both entities' expertise, particularly in cyber threat intelligence and technical information sharing specific to the financial sector. CERT-In and Mastercard plan to conduct training programs and workshops to improve the cybersecurity capabilities of financial organizations, along with sharing insights on market trends and best practices.

Jitin Prasada, Minister of State for Commerce & Industry, and Electronics and IT, emphasized the importance of this partnership, stating, "Cybersecurity is the need of the hour, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is committed to ensuring digital platform security. This collaboration is a crucial milestone that will benefit both entities and the public at large".

Gautam Aggarwal, Division President, South Asia at Mastercard, expressed the company's enthusiasm about the partnership, noting, "Mastercard is delighted to collaborate with CERT-In to fortify India’s financial digital ecosystem, which has powered unprecedented growth in the country".

The partnership between CERT-In and Mastercard underscores a concerted effort to safeguard India's burgeoning digital economy from evolving cyber threats, ensuring the financial sector remains resilient against cyberattacks.

The joint initiative aims to not only enhance the immediate security posture but also build a robust framework for ongoing threat detection and response, reflecting a commitment to a secure digital financial future for India.