Elocity India Operations enrolled Prity Singh as its new MD

Elocity India Operations enrolled Prity Singh as its new MD Recently, global EV charging Technology Company, Elocity, appointed Prity Singh as its managing director of operations in India. In her new role, she will presume responsibilities for budding Elocity into a market-leading electric vehicle (EV) charging demand management technology provider.

Elocity CEO Sanjeev Singh states, "The entire auto and transportation sector is going through a major innovation cycle, and Elocity is a global business at the centre of it. People like Ms. Singh are key to our rapid growth and ongoing success."

Sanjeev adds, “We're focused on supporting the tremendous growth in the global transition to electric mobility. Our innovative HIEV EV charging demand management technology empowers electric utilities, EV drivers, and other businesses to benefit from a connected and optimized EV world."

Prity brings widespread industry and sectoral knowledge, an era of operational, safety, and leadership experience, and a demonstrated commitment to ESG goals. In March she was celebrated as 'Business Disruptor of the Year' at the SolarQuarter's Women in Energy Leadership Summit 2021 Awards.

Prity has almost 15 years of industry experience and has handled numerous transformation projects across the globe. She has worked with global companies like Vedanta and GE Power before joining Elocity.

Sanjeev adds, “Her new responsibilities align with our India growth strategy, putting an accomplished leader on the forefront, to give our customers and partners enhanced access to our technology and help them transition to electric mobility."

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