Genesys, Salesforce Collaborate to Help Business Create Smarter Customer, Employee EXperiences

Genesys, Salesforce Collaborate to Help Business Create Smarter Customer, Employee EXperiences



Leading AI-powered experience orchestration firm, Genesys® embarks on a strategic collaboration with the leader of AI CRM, Salesforce, launching CX Cloud to enable businesses to bring their data, agents, bots and communication channels together to create smarter end-to-end customer and employee experiences.

By indu Genesys Cloud CX™ and Salesforce Service Cloud called CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce, both companies are pitching in an unified AI-poered customer experience and relationship management solution.

Through this solution the objective is to enable a seamless job for agents and supervisors, while bringing enterprise contact center and workforce engagement management (WEM) capabilities from Genesys Cloud CX to Salesforce Service Cloud.

Additionally, CX Cloud from Genesys and Salesforce could enable companies to gain more insight on customer interaction, behavior and history across their journey thanks to bi-directional data sharing.

“This new solution from Genesys and Salesforce brings together the strengths of both platforms, presenting ADP with significant potential to improve our client and service representative experience, achieve deeper levels of personalisation, and drive operational ease of use,” said Jim Mueller, vice president, global product and technology, ADP.


“Real-time sharing of data, customer insights and relevant actions across cloud platforms could allow ADP to utilise more comprehensive, accurate and effective AI modeling to continuously streamline our customers’ experiences. This type of seamless synchronisation across platforms offers the possibility to drive more business value than each platform could individually and results in an undeniably powerful technology stack”, added Mueller.

Synchronised, AI-Ready Data

Companies can automatically aggregate real-time data with Salesforce Data Cloud's unified data fabric, which powers better AI that enables more contextualized customer engagements and gives self-service bots the knowledge they need to conduct interactions more effectively.

Single Orchestration Engine

IT and business partners can collaborate to co-create experiences that are provided across a customer's preferred channels at the perfect time. Using no-code implementation speeds up deployment and gives businesses the freedom to use only the features of each platform they desire.

Unified, AI-Powered Employee Experiences

Customer journey and interaction history are supported by Genesys AI, Salesforce's AI technology, and Einstein AI, enabling staff to improve customer happiness and hit performance KPIs.

“To build the experiences customers and employees want today, businesses need to link their data, AI and systems of engagement across their technology ecosystem. As two leaders in our respective markets, Genesys and Salesforce are strongly positioned to enable joint customers to define the next generation of experience orchestration fueled by enriched insights and AI capabilities resulting from our platforms working in sync,” said Olivier Jouve, chief product officer, Genesys.