Google's Generative AI Search Engine Experience is Indian Now



With the launch of SGE (Search Generative Experience) in India and Japan, Google is extending the reach of its generative AI search experience outside of the US. In certain markets, this feature will be available through Google's Search Labs, giving users a more engaging and conversational search experience similar to speaking with an AI.

The feature has been improved over time to handle a variety of content kinds, including movies, photographs, local information, trip suggestions, and even queries pertaining to coding.

To make the most of the extra space afforded by the AI chat experience, Google has also started experimenting with pairing adverts with AI-generated responses. Users in Japan can employ generative AI in their own tongue, whereas in India, SGE will support both Hindi and English and include a language toggle to make moving between the two languages easy. Google is also introducing voice input in response to the widespread use of voice-based interactions in India.

Search advertisements will continue to show up in certain ad spots on the search page in both India and Japan. Along with these launches, SGE is launching a new feature that will assist users in finding and accessing the web pages that contain the data that forms the basis of the AI-generated responses. This tries to give consumers a method to explore more context and information about the data that the AI has delivered.

Advancing Search with Generative AI

Google is now taking more of the work out of searching with new generative AI features in Search, enabling you to comprehend a subject more quickly, discover fresh perspectives and ideas, and complete tasks more quickly. Finding an answer more quickly can make the process of discovery easier, especially for new internet users who may frequently feel overwhelmed by the volume of information available online.

For instance, looking for the best shopping spot in Bangalore is usually done by considering the major spots, filtering the best ones and then piecing them together. But Google says to leave all that thinking to Generative AI. To make it easier for you to naturally continue your investigation, context will be carried over from question to question. Additionally, you'll discover useful starting places for web material as well as a variety of perspectives you might explore.

Indian-centric Search Generative Experience

Google has added features that are exclusive to SGE in India as well. You can switch from an English result to a Hindi result by tapping the language toggle button, hear the response read aloud by tapping the 'Listen' button, and, soon, you'll be able to ask follow-up questions by tapping the microphone icon while in conversational mode rather than typing them. These elements have been incorporated into the Search generative experience to improve usability and make it simpler for users to access the information they require while searching.

Google is aware of people's need to hear views from others to guide their decisions. Therefore, it has created these new experiences to draw attention to and emphasize content on the web, making it simple for users to delve deeper into the subject they are learning about. For example, in the question on the shopping destination, a brief summary is helpful for getting the ball rolling, while a variety of site recommendations is a simpler approach to delve into a variety of content from the web. Google continues to demonstrate its dedication by driving beneficial traffic to websites all around the web as it integrates generative AI into Search.

Google also thinks that adverts are a crucial component of how the web functions and assist users in finding pertinent goods and services. Search advertisements will continue to appear in designated ad spots on the page in this new generative experience.

It promises to consistently uphold its commitment to transparency in advertising and to making sure that adverts can be distinguished from natural search results.


When Search advertisements do display, they will still have the ‘Sponsored’ label in bold black writing and its industry-leading clear and visible ad labels.

Reliable Coding Experience

Learning more about coding is undoubtedly on your ongoing to-do list, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned coder, and generative AI can be a useful tool. Now, you may utilize Search to comprehend and troubleshoot created code more quickly. To assist with work across a variety of programming languages and tools, SGE now offers AI-generated overviews. For instance, you can view suggested code snippets for common tasks and get solutions to how-to queries. Code segments in overviews are even color-coded with syntax highlighting, making it quicker and simpler to recognize components like keywords, comments, and strings. This makes it easier for you to understand the code you quickly scan.

Ensuring a Trusty and Worthy AI Approach

According to Google, generative AI and LLMs have acknowledged limitations, and search will nevertheless occasionally make mistakes. As a result, it is bringing new generative AI capabilities to Search in a responsible and thought-out manner. These models have been trained to uphold the strict standards of quality set by Search, and the company promises to make more advancements in the future. Google has perfected its signature systems for decades, and it is apparent that users rely on them. Additionally, it has put in place additional safeguards, such as restricting the kinds of queries that will use these capabilities. You can also click to delve deeper and extend your perspective to examine how the response is supported in order to assess the information for yourself.

Like the rest of the world, people in India also have a lot of needs on the lookout for information. Nonetheless Google has also been advancing its search engine to be more natural and intuitive. Now that generative AI has made fresh advancements, Google is yet again redefining what a search engine can achieve. Google is certain that with the aid of this potent new technology, we can answer questions you never imagined Search could, change the way information is presented, and help you sort through and make sense of the information that is available.

Thus, beginning with an experiment, Google shares with glee its new SGE in Search Labs in India in English and Hindi. For the next few months, the tech giant is said to ardently await feedback and work on the experience as users go about exploring the new feature.