Google forms Data Cloud Alliance to make data more accessible


Google on Wednesday announced a new Data Cloud Alliance to make data more portable and accessible across business systems, platforms and environments -- with a goal of ensuring that access to data is never a barrier to digital transformation.

The alliance has Accenture, Confluent, Databricks, Dataiku, Deloitte, MongoDB, Redis, Starburst and others as founding partners.

The members will provide infrastructure, application programming interfaces (APIs), and integration support to ensure data portability and accessibility between multiple platforms and products across multiple environments.

By 2023, 60 per cent of organisations will use three or more analytics solutions to build business applications to connect insights to actions.

"To provide organisations the flexibility, interoperability and agility to accelerate data-driven transformations, we have significantly expanded our data cloud partner ecosystem, and are increasing our partner investment across a number of new areas," said Sudhir Hasbe, Director of Product Management at Google Cloud.

As part of its Data Cloud Summit late on Tuesday, Google Cloud also rolled out a new Google Cloud Ready BigQuery initiative to help customers identify validated partner integrations with BigQuery and a public preview of its Analytics Hub to help partners share and monetise their data.

The Analytics Hub is a fully-managed service built on BigQuery that allows data sharing partners to efficiently and securely exchange valuable data and analytics assets across any organisational boundary.

"With unique datasets that are always-synchronised, and bi-directional sharing, partners can create a rich and trusted data ecosystem," Google Cloud said.