Hipla Technologies partners with Open Security & Safety Alliance


Recently, Hipla Technologies Pvt Ltd, a cloud-native property technology company offering solutions for hybrid offices, smart facility and EHS management, announced its association in the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA® or 'the Alliance') one of the non-profit, non-stock corporation that brings together like-minded organizations who are keen to subsidise to a context, delivering standards and provisions for a common standardized platform for security and safety solutions.

Besides founding members, Bosch Building Technologies, Hanwha Techwin, Milestone Systems and VIVOTEK Inc., plus dozens of additional members from around the globe, Hipla's involvement demonstrates a strong assertion for the Alliance's vision of the future.

Hipla's Chief Technology Officer, Gurpreet Singh, said, "We are a cloud native property tech company and sharing a common table to define standards and frameworks for security and safety IoT devices in step with industry leaders is truly remarkable. This is a framework that offers standards and specifications for common components including an operating system, IoT infrastructure, collective approach for data security and privacy, and promotes greater levels of performance. We look forward to learning from industry leaders and at the same time helping bring the voice of the neo native cloud proptech companies to the association. Collectively we wish to define the future and are super excited to be a part of OSSA."

OSSA were moulded in reaction to today's market characterized by the continued evolution of the Internet of Things and the aggregation of data. Security and safety solutions are fragmented due to the lack of a collaborative approach to common challenges including cybersecurity and common operating systems. This is holding back innovation and seamless integration. In order to add real value for customers, the market needs a new direction and a framework that will enable relevant market players to focus on innovation and development of new applications that deliver value add for users and customers.

Johan Jubbega, President, Open Security & Safety Alliance, states, “Our Alliance moves swiftly thanks to motivated members, who in just a handful of years produced an OSSA-inspired ecosystem founded on a common operating system, ongoing published industry specifications, and the first commercially available security cameras 'Driven by OSSA.”

Sandeep Kaul, CEO of Hipla Technologies, said, “We've graduated from mere philosophy and theoretical collaboration to already making real-life impact with real-world offerings. Innovative players such as Hipla are part of the next stage in our evolution, and we welcome them to the workshop here at OSSA to help lift the industry further into an open ecosystem existence. With intellectuals and industry stalwarts such as Bosch, VIVOTEK and Milestone Systems (amongst others) participating in and leading this initiative, we're ready to harness the firepower and inventory made available to us.”