IAF CertSearch Looks Forward to End Forged Certifications!

IAF CertSearch Looks Forward to End Forged Certifications!

CEO Insights team, Nikhil Michael, Correspondent, CEO Insights

The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has officially rolled-out the world's global database for accredited management system certifications, providing businesses and governments the ability to digitally authenticate an organization's certification(s) to determine whether a certificate is legit and the Certification Body issuing the certificate is authorized to provide that level of certifications.
Presently, IAF CertSearch, the largest global database for authorized certifications, constitutes approximately 400,000 legit certifications across over 150 economies compassing diverse sectors. The accumulation of over 4000 certification bodies and 68 IAF MLA signatory authorization bodies, globally, for accreditation of certificates might seem difficult, but IAF CertSearch, through proper
aggregation of certificates in its database, affirms a simple and efficient authorization procedure.

Sheronda Jeffries, IAF Director for Users and Industry, IAF UAC Chair, asserts, “Via IAF CertSearch businesses and governments can ensure all suppliers in their supply chains hold valid accredited certifications and can be instantly alerted if the certification is suspended, withdrawn or expired.”

Commenting about IAF CertSearch, IAF Chairman, Xiao
Jianhua says, “IAF CertSearch is a game changer for accredited certification, improving the awareness, integrity and value of accredited certification. Organizations will no longer be able to claim to have an accredited certification when they do not." Jianhua adds, "Launching the database is a great milestone! Trading with certified organizations is a way businesses and governments can demonstrate they have high quality, compliant, transparent global supply chains.”

IAF CertSearch is also expected to help organizations demonstrate before other organizations that they have met environmental, social, and governance standards in their supply chains.

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