IBM Software Now Available in AWS Market Across 92 Countries, Including India


IBM has revealed a significant expansion of its software portfolio, now accessible across 92 countries within the AWS Marketplace. This marketplace serves as a digital hub featuring a plethora of software listings from independent software vendors (ISVs), simplifying the process of discovering, evaluating, purchasing, and deploying software compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The software is now accessible in Denmark, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with plans for expansion into countries like India. The company asserts that this software offering will simplify procurement processes for clients, optimize purchasing procedures, and introduce novel efficiencies, all while enabling the utilization of AWS committed spend for IBM software acquisitions.

This will provide clients more access to IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) and data technologies within a portfolio of 44 listings and 29 SaaS offerings available for purchase. Included among those technologies are components of the Watsonx AI and Data platform, which allow enterprises to build, scale and govern AI workloads. emerges as a data repository crafted on an open data lakehouse architecture, while stands as a cutting-edge enterprise studio tailored for AI creators. Both platforms have now debuted on the AWS Marketplace, alongside two of IBM's AI Assistants: Watsonx Assistant and Watsonx Orchestrate. Anticipations are high for the imminent arrival of Watsonx. governance, poised to join the lineup in the near future.

Other software includes IBM’s flagship database Db2 Cloud Pak for Data as well as a portfolio of automation software including Apptio, Turbonomic and Instana, and the IBM Security and Sustainability software portfolios. All of them are built on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. The cloud-native software enables clients to deploy on AWS while flexible licensing, including SaaS and subscription, makes it easier for clients to purchase exactly how they want.

In a further expansion, IBM is introducing 15 fresh IBM Consulting professional services and assets on the AWS Marketplace, specifically crafted for AWS users. These new offerings boast alignment with client requirements and market demands, emphasizing data and application modernization, security services, and bespoke industry-specific solutions. Some services even integrate generative AI capabilities. Bolstering these offerings, IBM Consulting brings to the table a whopping 24,000 AWS certifications and a specialized cadre of experts well-versed in the latest AWS innovations, poised to provide tailored recommendations to clients.