Leapmotor Sets Sights on India, Partners with Stellantis for EV Launch


Leapmotor, a leading Chinese electric vehicle company, is poised to enter the Indian market, following the footsteps of established players such as MG and BYD. With Stellantis, which recently acquired a share in its worldwide operations, as its partner, Leapmotor is preparing to unveil its investment strategy and entry blueprint for India in the near future.

Despite stringent regulations governing investments from countries sharing a border with India, Leapmotor, a prominent Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, is bolstering its confidence to enter the Indian market through its partnership with Stellantis. Stellantis, a significant player in the global automotive industry boasting brands like Citroen, Jeep, and Fiat, already has a presence in India through Jeep and Citroen. This collaboration underscores Leapmotor's determination to navigate regulatory challenges and establish its foothold in the Indian automotive landscape.

BYD faced challenges in expanding its operations in India due to approval issues from the government, while MG Motor had to involve an Indian partner, Sajjan Jindal's JSW, to comply with regulations. Stellantis' investment of $1.6 billion in Leapmotor last year, acquiring around 20 percent stake, paved the way for a significant partnership. This collaboration led to the formation of Leapmotor International, a joint venture primarily focused on exporting and selling Leapmotor products outside China, according to Times of India.

Although Stellantis has refrained from commenting on Leapmotor's potential venture into the Indian market, insider sources indicate that the endeavor may involve the introduction of affordable electric vehicles, thereby heightening competition within the eco-friendly car sector. The revelation of Leapmotor's forthcoming plans for India in collaboration with Stellantis is expected within the following weeks, marking a noteworthy advancement in India's electric vehicle industry.