Mphasis has Announced a Strategic Partnership with Classiq


Mphasis, an IT services company, has announced a strategic partnership with Tel Aviv-based quantum software provider, Classiq. The partnership aims to deliver quantum-powered industry solutions and accelerate the adoption of quantum solutions for enterprises in sectors such as banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), life sciences, healthcare, supply chain & logistics, and chemistry. By leveraging Classiq’s quantum platform, Mphasis will develop industry-specific intellectual properties (IPs) and will also jointly market and implement customer IPs, execute customer projects, and provide support for the commercialization of Classiq’s platform and IPs.

"This partnership allows us to merge our industry expertise with cutting-edge quantum technology to create innovative solutions customized to our clients' needs. Together, we aim to be at the forefront of introducing and implementing state-of-the-art quantum solutions that redefine the boundaries of our field," stated Srikumar Ramanathan, Chief Solutions Officer at Mphasis.

Indian IT services companies are stepping up their investment and innovation in quantum technology. In May, TCS announced a partnership with IIT Bombay to develop India’s first Quantum Diamond Microchip Imager for assessing semiconductor quality. This chip will be able to image magnetic fields, allowing for non-invasive and non-destructive mapping of semiconductor chips, similar to how magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) works in a hospital. This technology is crucial due to the challenges posed by traditional sensing methods in detecting anomalies caused by the decreasing size of semiconductors.

In February, LTI Mindtree became the first Indian Global System Integrator (GSI) to join the IBM Quantum Network. This network is a community of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, startups, and national research labs that work with IBM in the quantum technology space. LTI Mindtree will also collaborate with IIT Madras — an IBM Quantum Innovation Center — on joint quantum research and workforce development, as the company announced.