Rentomojo, Amber, upGrad Rank as AmbitionBox's Top-Rated Tech Startups

Rentomojo, Amber, upGrad Rank as AmbitionBox's Top-Rated Tech Startups



AmbitionBox, India's No. 1 platform for company reviews and salary insights,  ranked Rentomojo, Amber and upGrad as the ‘Top-Rated Tech Startups in India for 2024’.

AmbitionBox Employee Choice Awards 2024 honors and celebrates India’s booming startup ecosystem with innovation reigning supreme.

Purely based on employee ratings, the platform recognizes Top-Rated Tech Startups every year.

The year 2020 saw nearly 16,000 new entrants with $8.4 billion USD in funding last year alone, showcasing a startup surge representing the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Employee well-being surfaced to prominence amid the whirlwind pace synonymous with startups. Startups considered excellence as a necessity for survival beyond being a goal, with achieving success by building an environment where employees flourish.

Mayur Mundada, Founder and Business Head, AmbitionBox commented, "Celebrating the spirit of innovation and camaraderie within the tech startup community, ABECA gives a voice to the remarkable contributions of employees who shape the culture and success of their companies.


Unmatched transparency and authenticity in ratings, is what makes ABECA stand out, in a time with reviews anonymously submitted by employees.

By empowering those with firsthand experience of the work culture, ABECA emerges as the industry's foremost authentic and transparent accolade.

With participation from over 14 lakh employees from over 50k companies the AmbitionBox Employee Choice Awards 2024 (ABECA) stands as India’s first and only employee choice award driven by the voices of the workforce.

Here’s a glimpse of Top-Rated Tech Startups 2024:

  • Rank #1: Rentomojo - rated 4.33/5 and is known for work-life balance and job security.

  • Rank #2: Amber - rated 4.26/5 and is known for company culture and work satisfaction.

  • Rank #3: upGrad - rated 4.14/5 and is known for salary and skill development