Confluent Announces New Confluent Cloud Capabilities

Confluent Announces New Confluent Cloud Capabilities



Confluent, Inc., data streaming pioneer, enabling ease to stream, connect, govern, and process data promising more seamless experience and timely insights ensuring data safety through its new Confluent Cloud capabilities.

With Confluent Tableflow , Apache Kafka® topics including schemas with Apache Iceberg® tables can be transformed for better data lakes and data warehouses.

New secure networking paths have been added to Confluent’s fully managed connectors, with 50 percent lower throughput paths costs ensure complete, safe, and cost-effective integrations.

Tableflow Makes it Easier to Feed Data Warehouses and Data Lakes for Analytics

Working well with existing capabilities of Confluent’s data streaming platform, Stream Governance features and stream processing with Apache Flink®, Tableflow turns topics and schemas into Iceberg tables in one click to feed any data warehouse, data lake, or analytics engine for real-time or batch processing use cases.

"The critical problem for modern companies is that operational and analytical estates must be highly connected, but are often built on point-to-point connections across dozens of tools,” said Shaun Clowes, Chief Product Officer at Confluent.


The feature is said to be available as a part of an early access program and is expected to be available to all Confluent Cloud customers.

Next new Confluent Cloud innovation includes Connect, which brings new security, usability, and pricing enhancements to a portfolio of 80+ fully managed connectors.

"However, there are still challenges for integrating real-time data across operational databases and analytics engines. Organizations should look for a solution that unifies the operational and analytical divide and manages the complexity of migrations, data formats, and schemas”, said Stewart Bond, Vice President of Data Intelligence and Integration Software at IDC.

With new upgrades to Connect, Confluent customers can:

  • Connect securely to critical data systems in private networks using DNS Forwarding and Egress Access Points.

  • Provision connectors reliably in seconds with real-time configuration validations and a 99.99 percent uptime SLA.

  • Stream data affordably at any scale with up to 50 percent reduced data transfer costs of $0.025/GB.

The Connect with Confluent (CwC) partner program expands the data streaming ecosystem by easing access to fully managed data streams directly within tools that teams are already working on. As a result, it simplifies the development of real-time data products to share throughout the business.

Stream Governance Improvements Increase Availability and Reliability

Through Stream Governance features, Confluent Cloud customers  will now have Stream Governance automatically enabled in their environments, providing easy access to key features including Schema Registry, Data Portal, real-time Stream Lineage, and more, with support in all Confluent Cloud regions.

Enterprise Clusters Deliver More Cost Savings on More Clouds

Confluent recently announced new Enterprise clusters with the same benefits as other Confluent Cloud clusters – including an industry-leading 99.99 percent SLA and a full ecosystem of enterprise-grade tools – plus enhanced security with private networking. This enables teams to uphold stringent security and networking requirements while simultaneously optimizing resources and cost-efficiency.