Confluent Releases a Project Aimed at Accelerating Creation of Real - Time AI Applications


imgConfluent, Inc., the industry leader in data streaming, released Data Streaming for AI, a project aimed at accelerating businesses' creation of real-time AI applications.

Real-time AI requires more than just quick algorithms; it also requires reliable, pertinent data that is served immediately for wiser, quicker insights.

Confluent is growing its partnerships with top players in the AI and vector database area, including as MongoDB, Pinecone, Rockset, Weaviate, and Zilliz, to enable companies to use the full potential of AI with the most recent contextual data from throughout their enterprise.

A generative AI-powered assistant that helps generate code and responds to inquiries about the data streaming environment is just one of the product breakthroughs it is showcasing that combines the most recent developments in AI into its platform.

“Data streaming is foundational technology for the future of AI,” said Jay Kreps, CEO and Cofounder, Confluent. “Continuously enriched, trustworthy data streams are key to building next-gen AI applications that are accurate and have the rich, real-time context modern use cases demand. We want to make it easier for every company to build powerful AI applications and are leveraging our expansive ecosystem of partners and data streaming expertise to help achieve that.”

While AI has long held promise, recent advances in reusable large language models (LLM), more approachable machine learning models, and more potent GPU capabilities have given it new life. Organizations have accelerated their AI investments as a result of this. The inability to access the pertinent, real-time data that AI applications require in a timely, safe, and scalable manner, however, poses a fundamental issue for modern AI.

For the real-time AI use cases that today's organizations are attempting to introduce, such as predictive fraud detection, generative AI travel agents, or customized recommendations, it is no longer sufficient.

“Data management is the most important area of investment as organizations build an intelligence architecture that delivers insights at scale, supports collective learning, and fosters a data culture. Those that get it right have seen a 4x improvement in business outcomes by removing real-time data availability and trust roadblocks through data streaming, governance, security, and integration–so it’s worth the journey”, said Stewart Bond, Vice President, Data Intelligence and Integration Software, IDC.


Build a Real-Time Data Foundation for Modern AI with Confluent

With a single shared source of real-time truth for all operational and analytical data, regardless of where it resides, the Confluent Data Streaming for AI effort seeks to assist enterprises in rapidly developing and scaling next-generation AI applications.

Confluent has committed to offer more AI capabilities within its own platform as part of this launch in order to make the development of real-time apps even easier. Confluent has also expanded collaborations in the AI sector.

Connect with Confluent Technology Partners: Confluent is working with MongoDB, Pinecone, Rockset, Weaviate, and Zilliz to provide their vector databases access to real-time contextual data from everywhere.

Public Cloud Partners: To create integrations, proof of concepts (POCs), and go-to-market initiatives expressly for AI, Confluent is expanding on its strategic partnership agreements with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Services Partners: To provide specialized solutions for specific use cases, Confluent is providing POC-ready architectures with Allata and iLink across Confluent's technology and cloud partners.

Confluent AI Assistant: The Confluent AI Assistant transforms natural language inputs—like "What was my most expensive environment last month?" or "Give me an API request to produce messages to my orders topic"—into helpful suggestions and precise code that is tailored to their deployment in order to assist teams in getting the contextual answers they need to speed up engineering innovations on Confluent.

AI for Apache Flink® SQL: Confluent is said to make a number of upgrades to its recently unveiled Flink service for Confluent Cloud that will integrate AI capabilities into Flink SQL available over the coming months.