Slack competitor Quill acquired by Twitter to enhance messaging tools


Twitter Inc said that it acquired Slack competitor Quill to help the social networking company improve its own messaging tools.

Agrawal, who had served as a chief technology officer, is going  to bring a greater focus on engineering to the company.

The decision to acquire came after  Twitter recently named a new chief executive Parag Agrawal to replace co-founder Jack Dorsey, who stepped down from the role recently.
Slack is owned by Salesforce and has become a common online workplace messaging too used by many companies.

The Quill human resources will assist Twitter enhance its direct messaging software and make it a “extra helpful & expressive means folks can have conversations on the service,” said Nick Caldwell, Twitter’s general manager for core technology.

Quill comes out  as a possible competitor for the messaging app this year.

Slack, owned by Salesforce, has become a popular and common online workplace messaging tool that is  used by many companies.